cycling weight training

Weight Training for Cyclists – How to do it Right

Strong legs and a scrawny upper-body… that’s the stereotype for lycra clad cyclists. Just look at the photos of pro-riders after a three-week stint of the Tour de France, the alien-like body of Chris Froome suggests that pro-cycling is just about leg strength and the time spent in the saddle. This may have been true in bygone eras but modern cycling is a different beast and saddle-time is just one part of the path to success. Effective training goes beyond the bike and factors-in physical and psychological aspects such as nutrition and mental exercises like goal-setting. Top cyclists often get […]

pedalit sunscreen chamois-cream

Review: Australian-Made Pedalit Chamois Creme, Sunscreen and Handwash for Cyclists

Lighter, Faster, Stiffer, Cheaper… these are the usual marketing buzz-words made by bike and cycling gear brands. But do you ever feel that these are too arbitrary and they don’t […]

alpha bottle gemini hydration

New Australian Launch – Alpha Bottle Contols Electrolytes or Energy

The humble water bottle, or bidon is an indispensable accessory which ensure you ‘go the distance’ by keeping you hydrated. They are so important that I ride with two bottles, one […]

the race racing bib knicks

Review: RedWhite ‘The Race’ Bib Knicks for Winners

Every seasoned cyclist has experienced good cycling knicks and bad knicks. More often than not, the secret to comfort is in the chamois. Since launching in 2015, Singaporean brand RedWhite […]


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