Will you get paid to cycle to work?

‘Fifty per cent of Australian workers said they would be enticed to ride to work if a financial incentive was available, such as those currently offered in the UK, Europe and North America.’ This is according to the “Financial incentives to ride to work survey 2014″ data released today by the Cycling Promotion Fund and the National Heart Foundation of Australia. The survey of 2000 Australian workers revealed that we may be on the edge of a cycling revolution, if only there was a little bit of money to push people onto the road, so to speak. While this result […]

Five reasons why bike rider registration is stupid

You will be hard pressed to find a bike rider who thinks bike rider registration and license plates are fantastic ideas. Tabloid newspapers and shock-jocks, however, bring up the topic […]

Part Two: Bike Fitting for Comfort, Efficiency and Reduced Injury

Think about each of your contact points on a bike: backside, feet and hands. While they each play a different role, they need to be considered as an entire system […]

Interview: Caterham Bicycles have the WOW factor

When a new brand enters the market it is hard to get it right. On the one hand there is the opportunity to deliver a substantial technological improvement and make […]


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