Sophie Bartho Reveals Bicycle NSW’s Roadmap for the Future

Cycling advocacy in Australia took a major leap forward when Adelaide hosted Velo-City Global in May this year. It was also in May 2014 that the Bicycle NSW (Bicycle New South Wales) CEO Alex Unwin resigned and the organisation structure was changed, from a single CEO to appointing specialist Executives positioned as leaders for Bicycle NSW for their departments. The new public face of Bicycle NSW for advocacy is Sophie Bartho and after meeting her at Velo-City, I sat down with Sophie at the Bicycle NSW office to find out where the organisation is heading and how they are ‘competing’ […]

The Future is Here – 3D Print Your Own Bicycle

The 3D printing revolution is upon us and, although it will be years until desktop 3D printers become commonplace, this burgeoning technology is delivering astounding results. Truth be told, 3D […]

Review: TwoWheelCool Toe Cap for Cycling Shoes

As an alternative to cycling shoe booties, toe covers are convenient. Commonly made from neoprene, they help keep your toes and feet warm during cool weather cycling. As they only […]

Review: Nixey Cycles range of locks and floor pumps

A new player, Nixey Cycles, has appeared in the marketplace with a range of locks and floor pumps. Nixey are based in Erskineville, which is practically the center of everything new and […]


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