Don’t be a clown, tilt them down! – a bike light primer

Think about this: someone in charge of a thousand plus kilograms of metal is coming towards you at 50kph or faster. They will pass within a metre or two of you. The only thing between you and them is a stripe of paint on the road. Your light is shining in their eyes. It’s blinding them. Does that sound like a clever idea? There have been a few threads on the Australian Cycling Forums recently about using bike lights in an anti-social manner. One thread was started by a motorist who was blinded by, and almost hit, a cyclist; the […]

My Bike Shop Sucks! How to find a better bike store

Two stories have come to light on the Australian Cycling Forums in the last week in which Aussie bike shops have let down their customers. The first story is of a […]

Keep the Party Going with the Knog Combo Lock

For a while now, the focus of Knog has been on high powered bike lights, but they haven’t turned the lights off for their bike locks. The latest from the […]

Cadel Evans Launches International Cycling Tour in Victoria

In conjunction with the State of Victoria, Australian Tour de France Winner, Cadel Evans has announced a 1 Day, UCI sanctioned international road race for February 1, 2015. This is […]


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