Interview: Caterham Bicycles have the WOW factor

When a new brand enters the market it is hard to get it right. On the one hand there is the opportunity to deliver a substantial technological improvement and make waves. On the other hand, the bike industry is older than the automobile industry, so most ideas have been tried before. The status quo is a result of the gradual evolution of the bicycle. Reporting for Bicycles Network Australia, Alexander Weishaupt spotted Caterham Bicycles at Eurobike. The stunning design and motorsport legacy of Caterham Racing was turning heads and was worth investigating. Caterham Cycling is based in Hürth, a few […]

Interview: Adam Johnson Driving Australian Online Bike Sales for Wiggle

Last week Wiggle announced that they are opening an office in Sydney, their first overseas office and a move which symbolises the value of online bike and accessories sales in […]

The Rise Of The Uber-Mamil

Over 40? Over weight? Over budget on your last bike purchase? You’re not just a mamil (middle aged man in lycra), you’re a special type of mamil, an uber-mamil, and […]

Part 1: Bike Fitting for Comfort, Efficiency and Reduced Injury

Getting ’sized up’ for a bicycle only gets you half way, according to Scott Holz, Global Director for the Body Geometry brand, “Sizing is anything where we are taking measurements of […]


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