Review Reid SSCX Single Speed Cyclo Cross Bike

If you visit Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide, you stand a good chance of spotting a Reid bike somewhere in these cities. The Australian company can still be described as a new-comer to the market, but they have expanded swiftly and are now selling in Europe and the USA as well. Reid’s strategy is simple, putting people on a budget, on bikes. With their new CXSS bike, they’re now putting them on cyclocross bikes. Cyclocross is an increasingly popular cycling segment that has evolved beyond its European steeple chase and circuit racing origins to encompass gravel grinding, an extension of road cycling that […]

Bike Fitting and the Bicycle Contact Points – Feet, Bum and Hands

Cycling legend Jens Voigt once told another rider that his handlebars were too wide. The rider disagreed so Jens told him his shoulders must be too narrow. Jens was pointing […]

Review – Latest Quad Lock Bike Mount for your iPhone

The latest evolution of the Quad Lock is a convenient mount and protective case for your iPhone 6/6s which you can use both on and off the bike. The Quad Lock […]

Review – KASK Vertigo 2.0 Road Cycling Helmet

Competitive racing has propelled KASK helmets into the limelight in Australia. The newest trends and styles from pro-cycling are filtering faster and more effectively to Australian cyclists, thanks to television […]


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