What is a Bike Fit? The basics in overview

When you’re new to cycling, bike fitting can appear to be something reserved for elite athletes or cyclists investing in a custom made bike. The fact is, a simple cost/benefit analysis will show that a regular cyclist who gets a bike fit can often reap far greater results than upgrading their equipment. The good news is that bike fitting is becoming more accessible and in this multi-part series for Bicycles Network Australia, we first look at the basic idea of bike fitting then, in future installments, delve into the details of each aspect of your connection with your bicycle. If you have […]

Powerpod Allnighter and Overnighter II Rechargeable Portable Chargers

Have you ever had an important phone call cut off by a dying battery? Even worse, have you ever had a Strava KOM interrupted when your cycle computer cut out? In […]

[Video] Cycliq Fly 12 prototype bike camera and light in action

The Cycliq Fly12 is an integrated front light and 1080p HD camera for bike riders, from the team who created the popular Fly6 rear bike camera and light. Currently in […]

If we want Diversity riding on our streets, we need Diversity in...

In September this year, the third Asia Pacific Cycle Congress was hosted in Brisbane by the Queensland Government, Brisbane City Council and Gold Coast City Council. Sara Stace reports on […]


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