Review of the Hunt Mason X 4Season Disc wheelset

A “lightweight, adaptable, year round road disc wheelset” that also happens to be fairly strong and quite keenly priced? Have we found the exception to Keith Bontrager’s wheelset rule: “Light, Strong, Cheap – pick two”? If Tom & Peter Marchant of Hunt Bike Wheels are to be believed, their 4Season Disc wheel is indeed exceptional.   What do you get for your money? The Hunt Mason X 4 Season Disc wheels are a pretty sweet deal. Even though the Australian currency exchange rates are not playing nicely for overseas commodities, the UK pricing of £349, which includes shipping, comes out to around $765 Australian, […]

What is a Bike Fit? The basics in overview

When you’re new to cycling, bike fitting can appear to be something reserved for elite athletes or cyclists investing in a custom made bike. The fact is, a simple cost/benefit analysis will […]

Powerpod Allnighter and Overnighter II Rechargeable Portable Chargers

Have you ever had an important phone call cut off by a dying battery? Even worse, have you ever had a Strava KOM interrupted when your cycle computer cut out? In […]

[Video] Cycliq Fly 12 prototype bike camera and light in action

The Cycliq Fly12 is an integrated front light and 1080p HD camera for bike riders, from the team who created the popular Fly6 rear bike camera and light. Currently in […]


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