“Made In Australia” Wheelset Brand 36T Launches

36T is a startup based in Torquay, Victoria who have just announced that they plan to manufacture and sell carbon fiber road racing wheels in Australia. This is exciting news as Australian bicycle and bike equipment manufacture has all but disappeared. The manufacture of bikes and cycling equipment has long been centered around Taiwan and China, including for iconic and innovative Australian brands such as Malvern Star, Bont and Knog. There are, of course, the custom framemakers who produce locally including Darren Baum, Ewen Gellie, Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch, Paul Hillbrick and Peter Bundy, all with great reputations and with a […]

Review – The ByK 620R, an Aussie designed bike for kids

Travel down any suburban street leading up to a hard rubbish night and you’ll see dozens of kids bikes sitting on the kerb, waiting for the garbage man or the […]

Third annual Sydney Classic Bicycle Show announced for March 28, 2015

If you love cycling, there is a a good chance that you appreciate the classic bikes of yesteryear. If you love bikes, there is a small chance that you collect […]

Interview – Australian Cyclists Party Goals for the NSW Elections

On March 28, eligible voters in New South Wales will head for the voting booths for the State Election and the Australian Cyclists Party want your vote. But what are […]


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