Is Wiggle about to Buy Chain Reaction Cycles?

The most popular overseas online bike shop for Australians is Wiggle (UK) and they are closely followed by Chain Reaction Cycles (UK). According to Carlton Reid (BikeBiz), a well known UK cycling journalist and bike advocate, insider information suggests “Wiggle is on the verge of absorbing its main retail rival Chain Reaction Cycles. It’s said to be highly likely that the sale will go through next week.” Wiggle are the top online bike retailer though have much smaller inventory (range) than CRC. Internationally Wiggle have a much stronger investment in external projects such as the racing team, events and donations for cycling advocacy groups. […]

Shoulder to Shoulder, a Rare Glimpse into Cycling History

Shoulder to Shoulder is a coffee table book around which groups (or bunches) of cycling enthusiasts will gather to drool over black and white photos from the glory days of […]

Factor Bikes launch into 2016 with Baden Cooke

Factor Bikes started as the brainchild of bf1systems to showcase their Formula 1 automotive skills to a larger audience. They are a UK company who supplies the automotive, aerospace and sports […]

New Bryton Rider 310 and Rider 100 GPS Cycle Computers in Review

When it comes to cycle computers, there are plenty of contenders on the market who can do the same job for less if you are prepared look beyond Garmin. Bryton […]


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