Highlights from Eurobike 2015 [photos – part two]

Following on from part one of our 2015 Eurobike coverage, the highlights from the worlds biggest bike show are too big for one page so this is part two with more highlights spotted by our man on the floor, Alexander Weishaupt.  A stunning, and original saddle by Tune, the Re4mer weights 87 grams. Of course, tune hubs are the bread and butter Pine tree delicious tube hub (disc) Top of the line Token Zenith racing wheelset Fast and robust Token Prime wheelset – C45 Stevens are a well established German brand, though they have made it to Australia they managed to stay […]

Highlights from Eurobike 2015 [photos – part one]

Once again the world’s biggest bike show has been used as the launching pad to release the latest and greatest in bicycles, gear and cycling technology. The new electronic shifting […]

Talking cycling with NSW MP Bruce Notley-Smith

Bike registration. Rider licensing. Removing cycleways. Increasing fines for cyclists. Slaps on the wrist for dangerous drivers. If you trip over any of these concepts on a daily basis, then […]

Factory Tour – The brose motor for ‘premium’ e-bikes

Berlin is a magnet; centrally located in Europe, it teems with history, culture and innovation. The city is home to thousands of start-ups, though the company in focus in this […]


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