Fusion Peak Bike Fitting in Review

So, you have your brand new bike, you have all of the accessories, and you have the great kit to wear on it. Feels good, doesn’t it. You start to get a bit serious about your riding, but no matter what you do, something’s not quite right – you have upgrade-itis. To cure it (or at least temporarily treat it), most cyclists start by upgrading the wheels. For less than $1,000 you can usually get a lighter and more aerodynamic wheelset which, irrespective of whether you compete or enjoy being a weekend warrior, can make a real difference. But is the performance improvement the best […]

Seeing sense with See-Sense smart lights

When it comes to the bike lighting arms race, there is usually an escalation in light output and/or battery life between brands and models. The light’s form factor (size, shape, […]

Rethinking Visibility with DING – The Innovative Bike Light

A cycling media colleague suggested I check out DING, a local bike product. It’s not a bell, as the name may suggest, rather an Australian designed bike light moving to […]

Review: Sticky Pod – the bike stuff organiser

“Who wants to try a Sticky Pod?” I stuck my hand up (pun intended) because I already knew the Sticky Pod wasn’t a snack or the latest computer game accessory. It’s an organiser […]


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