Review – Interlock, the Integrated Seatpost Bicycle Lock

At Eurobike in 2014, BNA chanced upon the Interlock, an innovative bicycle lock presented by a charismatic young Canadian, Adrian Solgaard. But at Eurobike, everything is innovative, and new, and shiny, and twice as good as the others, and there is no end to gimmicks and inventions hoping to be the next big thing. Our Eurobike correspondents, Marty and Alexander, were taken by the Interlock and a month later one landed on my desk for review. The Interlock is a seat post with an integrated cable bike lock. If you’ve ever been in the situation where you need to chain up […]

Get your 2015 BNA Cycling Kit – Orders Closing Soon

This is the kit that will last and that you will love. My own BNA kit from 2013 is still going strong two years on, it is comfortable and looks […]

Review – Gaadi bicycle inner tubes, the new revolution

Have you ever changed a flat tyre on a heavy Dutch bike with an internally geared hub? What about an e-bike with a hub motor? While tyres and tubes give […]

Review – Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle

What would you call someone who put a brand new Brooks saddle on their bike and then went for a 100 km ride? If you’re familiar with Brooks saddles you’d […]


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