Shoulder to Shoulder, a Rare Glimpse into Cycling History

Shoulder to Shoulder is a coffee table book around which groups (or bunches) of cycling enthusiasts will gather to drool over black and white photos from the glory days of competitive racing. They were the days of hand-sown cycling jerseys worn by cyclists from western European countries. The photos are noted as being restored rare and valuable photographs from The Horton Collection, most have been unseen since their original publication. What is the Horton Collection? It is a collection by Shelly and Brett Horton (California) of cycling memorabilia with 15,000 objects and 170,000 vintage photographs. Subtitled, “Bicycle Racing in the […]

Factor Bikes launch into 2016 with Baden Cooke

Factor Bikes started as the brainchild of bf1systems to showcase their Formula 1 automotive skills to a larger audience. They are a UK company who supplies the automotive, aerospace and sports […]

New Bryton Rider 310 and Rider 100 GPS Cycle Computers in Review

When it comes to cycle computers, there are plenty of contenders on the market who can do the same job for less if you are prepared look beyond Garmin. Bryton […]

BZ Optics release Photochromic Bi Focals for Cyclists

When the new season eyewear comes out and the pro cyclists parade them on the world stage, style is still meant to be a secondary factor behind the practicality of shielding the […]


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