Eurobike Day 3 Highlights – Fatbikes are Everywhere

Those are the exact words of Alexander Weishaupt who is on the ground at Eurobike for BNA. “Fatbikes are everywhere!” On Day 3 of Eurobike, he shares more photo highlights from the big bike show. The title image is from the new concept bike from Lightweight called Velocité which is full to the brim with technology. Lets get straight into it, starting with Fatbikes! Konstructive Cycles Berlin tailor bikes to their riders and presented their new fatbike Laying down some fat beats on a Surley fat bike, does it get any better? Liteville are a cult brand from the Alps […]

Highlights and Show-Stoppers from Day 2 of Eurobike

Day two of Eurobike 2014 and fatigue hasn’t set in yet, around every corner there is always something new to see. Alexander Weishaupt is at the show from Bicycles Network […]

Photos and Highlights from Day 1 of Eurobike

The big brands have usually already announced the biggest innovations for the coming year, they have to in order to get the bike shops stocked with next years bikes and […]

Photos from Demo Day at the 2014 Eurobike

The world’s biggest bike show, Eurobike, has just kicked off in Friedrichshafen, Germany and started with a slightly wet Demo Day. This year, Demo Day has been relocated next to […]


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