Inside Shimano Australia’s new Multi-Million dollar facility

As the new Shimano facility in Sydney was being constructed, it was hard for Shimano Australia Managing Director Matt Bazzano to mask his pride. For Bazzano, Shimano is not just business, it’s personal… it’s family. Since the 1930’s his family has been deeply entrenched in Australian cycling; Velox Engineering Works manufactured hubs while Bicycles Incorporated (Binc) imported Miyata bicycles, Hutchinson Tyres and Shimano components. Shimano subsequently invested in Binc and over time it evolved into Shimano Australia, covering both cycling and fishing. Located south of Sydney in Caringbah, a few kilometers from the site where Captain Cook first landed in […]

Review: The supremely functional SweatHawg Headwear

Truth be told, the reason this review is coming out in the middle of winter is because I became so used to the SweatHawg that I forgot about it. It […]

Fusion Peak Bike Fitting in Review

So, you have your brand new bike, you have all of the accessories, and you have the great kit to wear on it. Feels good, doesn’t it. You start to […]

Seeing sense with See-Sense smart lights

When it comes to the bike lighting arms race, there is usually an escalation in light output and/or battery life between brands and models. The light’s form factor (size, shape, […]


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