Rubena Kratos and Scylla 29×2.25 Greyline Tyres Review

Rubena tyres hardly need an introduction, the Czech brand was favorably reviewed here on Bicycles Network Australia 18 months ago with the 26″ MTB tyres Kratos and Scylla knobblies enjoying a good slice of the action on various trails throughout New South Wales. The single compound tyres have proven to be tough and hard-wearing. In fact I still have them on my 26er cross-country hardtail that I occasionally use for commuting. They refuse to die. In the past few years half the mountain bike world has moved to 29′ers (and some to 27.5″) and I’ve been interested in trying Rubena’s […]

Wiggle opens their first overseas office in Sydney, Australia

Overseas online bike shops are criticised by Australian business as they ‘cost local jobs’ and Wiggle CEO Stefan Barden confirms, “it’s no surprise that the market [Australia] has become one […]

Drew Johnson positions Cuore as the premium custom cycle-wear brand

“You are always part of the Shimano family,” Drew Johnson was told by a senior Japanese manager after he left Shimano Australia. The journey has led him to become the […]

Review – Wiggle Nutrition Energy Gels and Hydration Tabs

Wiggle recently launched an in-house ‘sports energy’ range and haved bucked the trend by branding it Wiggle Nutrition rather than creating a new name; their clothing range is dhb, their […]


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