cycling glasses lens colour

Test: What is Best Sunglasses Lens Colour for Bike Riding?

Sunglasses and cycling go hand-in-hand but sunnies do more than just shade your eyes. Choose the right eyewear and you’ll get better clarity and vision while riding, choose the wrong ones and you risk impaired eyesight. Lens colour plays an important role, so what is the best colour for cycling? It depends…  in this article I explore different lens colours (tints), identify how they each affect visibility and outline which lens colours are best suited to which cycling conditions. Eight sets of sunglasses were included in this test and in combination there were 14 lenses. Each of the lenses were evaluated in both shade and bright sun. Clear lenses were […]

vibram flr buschmaster

FLR Bushmaster Cycling Shoes in Review

Cycling is not something I think about when I think about Israel. Actually, it probably wouldn’t even make the top 100 list of things I associate with the middle-eastern country, […]

australian cycling history

Event – History of Australian Cycling Clubs (May 2, 2017)

Located in Sydney’s inner-west, the Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club is credited as (probably) being the oldest continuously operational bicycle club in Australia. The DHBC was joined by many other cycling […]

stylish winter cycling jacket

Review: Gear Up for Winter with the NSR Gigaheat Fondo Jacket and...

Never Stop Racing is encapsulated in the name of the South Korean brand NSR Riding who want the brand to stand for “Riding Emotion”. I hadn’t heard of them previously and […]


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