ebike review riese muller

Riese&Muller Charger Mixte – a bike for all reasons

The biggest problem I have when I write e-bike reviews is dealing with the issue of price. Good e-bikes are expensive. Crappy e-bikes are also expensive, but they’re expensive in terms of throwing good money down the drain with poor performance, the need for repairs, and reduced lifespan. Good e-bikes are expensive up front but don’t cost you much after that. My philosophy on doing reviews is to never do a review for a product I wouldn’t consider buying, so I’m going to tell you why I would buy a Riese&Muller Charger Mixte. Riese&Muller are a German company and, like […]

cycliq fly6 hero shot

Review – Cycliq Fly6 (gen. 3) with Velcro Strap Mount

Australian bike-tech company Cycliq has gone from strength to strength with their technology driven cycling accessories. They have carved out a niche of bike specific cameras with the Fly6 rear […]

cyclist body scrub

Mocha Me Coffee Body Scrub

Do you love coffee? No, I mean do you really love it? Do you love it to the point where you would you get naked and smear it all over […]

spitting in the soup book review

Book review: Spitting in the Soup – Inside the dirty game of...

I’ve always been a big fan of popular science, popular history, popular economics and so on. Essentially, if it’s a topic area I’m not expert in, I appreciate a good […]


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