Review: Sticky Pod – the bike stuff organiser

“Who wants to try a Sticky Pod?” I stuck my hand up (pun intended) because I already knew the Sticky Pod wasn’t a snack or the latest computer game accessory. It’s an organiser for all of the bike bits you usually need to carry while riding.  Here was a chance to combine all the different packs I usually carry into one. Would it make switching between bikes easier? Could it save me from relying on three bikes with three saddle bags, three tubes and three sets of tyre levers? Could it help me from being caught off-guard without a multi-tool? These were the big questions that needed answering, and maybe, just […]

Cycling Express say “Sorry!” and promise to be a better online retailer

When Cycling Express launched into the online realm in mid 2011, they attracted a lot of attention because they were an Australian online retailer promising to price-match Wiggle and Chain […]

Interview: Rick Krassoi talks Eurocycles and E-Bikes

The first thing that you notice when you meet Rick is his warm and approachable personality. Dr. Rick Krassoi is a marine biologist and after completing university he setup an […]

Australian Launch – Zwift put the Fun into Indoor Training

Zwift visited Australia to showcase their new cycle training ‘game’ which promises to make indoor training fun. Zwift is a multi-player cycling game, as you train on your indoor trainer, you […]


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