flaer dispenser

Automatic Lubrication: Flaer Revo Via Chain Performance Review

Cycling can be a bit of an arms-race, have YOU got the right equipment… have YOU got the best equipment? 10 grams here, 5 watts there. It is all performance driven; from the composition and weave of your cycling jersey through to the lubrication for your drivetrain. There are savings and enhancements everywhere. Just imagine what would happen if the UCI removed the 6.8kg weight limit for race bikes. If you look closely, you will discover an array of UCI rules governing the all aspects of the bike. Regulations define size, shape, geometry, fairings and even where and how water […]

garmin edge 1030 review

Review: Garmin Edge 1030 – The Fully Featured GPS Cycling Computer

It’s the successor to the popular Garmin Edge 1000, the 1030 arrives with a host of new features, a much larger screen, a longer battery life along with the ability […]

tungkillo tour down under

20th time around – The Tour Down Under is still a winner

The fact that the TdU is about to host the 20th edition and consistently goes from strength to strength and continues to build and cement it’s reputation, highlights the enormous […]

knog power offroad light

The Power of Versatility: knog PWR Trail Bike Light in Review

Innovation is the calling-card for the young and iconic bike brand knog. Bike lights, bike locks and bells have all been ‘re-imagined’ and today the brand has a legion of […]


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