Swiss Side Blown Away by Wind Tunnel Testing Success

If you are an Australian Cycling Forum member or regular visitor to BNA, you will probably know that we have keenly followed Swiss Side on their new aerodynamic wheelset, the Hadron, from concept through to production. The brand even got involved answering technical questions from forum members and ten lucky people in the BNA community qualified as VIP testers and now have their own Hadron wheelset. To coincide with Eurobike (which becomes the center of the bike world for the last week in August each year), Swiss Side rented a wind tunnel and invited international cycling media to test the […]

Lightweight SMARTWHEEL with built in Data

The German brand of super light performance carbon fiber wheels Lightweight announced the SMARTWHEEL at Eurobike which can send data such as tire pressure, speed and temperature via ANT+. This […]

Eurobike Day 3 Highlights – Fatbikes are Everywhere

Those are the exact words of Alexander Weishaupt who is on the ground at Eurobike for BNA. “Fatbikes are everywhere!” On Day 3 of Eurobike, he shares more photo highlights […]

Highlights and Show-Stoppers from Day 2 of Eurobike

Day two of Eurobike 2014 and fatigue hasn’t set in yet, around every corner there is always something new to see. Alexander Weishaupt is at the show from Bicycles Network […]


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