spitting in the soup book review

Book review: Spitting in the Soup – Inside the dirty game of...

I’ve always been a big fan of popular science, popular history, popular economics and so on. Essentially, if it’s a topic area I’m not expert in, I appreciate a good story teller taking me on a guided tour through the subject matter. The biggest drawback of these popularised accounts is that they’re very easy to bias. When you tell emotive stories in an area the reader doesn’t have the knowledge capital required for critical analysis, you can info-tain them in any direction you chose. When it comes to drugs in sport, providing a balanced popularisation that is readable, interesting, and […]

polar cycle computer review

Product Review: Polar V650 and M450 Cycle Computers

Polar has been a sleeping beauty, at least in Australia. The last time Polar caught my attention was with their stylish diamond shaped CS500 in 2010 and the Look Kéo power-meter pedals […]

oorr cycle wear

OORR Cycling Wear Review – Stylish and Sustainable

It feels great to be wearing cycling kit that no one else has, or even knows about. Unfortunately, I was doing it in the middle of winter and a combination of […]

bike camera review

Under the hood of the Fly12 – Integrated Bike Light and Camera...

The Fly12 is new, but not that new for me. As a beta-tester, I have already relied on this nifty bike light and camera combo from for over a year […]


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