Review – Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle

What would you call someone who put a brand new Brooks saddle on their bike and then went for a 100 km ride? If you’re familiar with Brooks saddles you’d probably call that person mad, or you’d at least assume they got off on a bit of pain. But that’s exactly what I did with a new Brooks Cambium C17 saddle, and I’m neither mad (as far as I know), nor enjoy pain. Not only was I able to walk comfortably afterwards, I did it again less than a week later, and then doubled the distance and did it again. […]

Review – Pandani Cyclewear in the Flesh

Like a child standing before the lolly aisle at the supermarket, being forced to choose is maddening. I felt the same way trying to choose from the Pandani cyclewear styles […]

Review – Speedwolf 1500 Lumen Bike Light

Arwoo! Wolves are endurance predators, hunting by running their prey to the ground. The Speedwolf IV is aptly named, given its claimed runtime of just over five hours at full […]

Interview – Australian Triathlon, Endurance & Cycling Expo to succeed where others...

After the demise of Ausbike in Melbourne and the Sydney Bike and Lifestyle show (as well as bike shows and non-starters before that), an event organiser has to have a […]


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