Cyclebetes Cairns to Melbourne ride

The Cyclebetes Australia Relay from August 23rd to 29th brings together 16 riders who will travel from Cairns to Melbourne ride in two alternating groups doing 3 hour shifts, at 24 hours/day. In each city they pass, cyclists are invited to participate in 20km – 100km rides to support this event.

The concept of Cyclebetes began in Canada in 2007 as a promise from  Kyle Balagno to his daughter to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. He formed the 5 man H2V team was that cycled across Canada in 8 days and raised $800,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Cyclebetes was so well received and that it has spread to America so that the community can participate in cycling relays, spin-athons and relay-athons to raise awareness and money for research. In August, Cyclebetes kicks off in Australia. The following YouTube video from introduces Cyclebetes to Australia.

Cyclebetes Australia promo vid

Cyclesbetes need to get the word out to cyclists, bike stores, bike clubs and to the general public – if you can make this happen, Nelson Khoury of Cyclebetes Australia would love to hear from you. Cyclebetes also welcome business and sponsorship interest and of course donations.

Contact Cyclebetes Australia
Nelson Khoury
+61 450 885 729

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