Robbie McEwen Crashes – Out of the Tour de France

In the final kilometers of the Tour of Belgium, Robbie McEwen fell after hitting a road sign and suffered a gash below his knee. After being rushed to hospital it has been unfortunately confirmed that ligaments below his left knee have been damaged (cut or stretched) and need to be rebuilt. 

The unfortunate crash puts an immediate stop on the 36 year old Brisbane riders plans for this years Tour de France. A crash weeks earlier in Belgium (Grand Prix de l’Escaut) with concussion meant that he would missed the Giro d’Italia.

His team (Katusha) have commented "Now Robbie is in the hospital. His knee joint is ok, but he cuts his ligaments under his left knee and the doctors rebuilding it. It’s almost impossible his participation at the Tour de France”.

You can pass on a message to Robbie by visiting his website and leaving a message in his guestbook:


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