New KnogTV with sexy Knogumentary

Knog have just lauched KnogTV with a series short films. A word of warning, it is not suitable for General Audiences so probably not advisable to share with the kids.

Anyone familar with past and current Knog know that it won’t be boring this time either. Without giving away details – characters Wendy Hearts, Violet Hearts, Graham Hearts and Charlie Hearts present their stories, their undying, jealous, intense and sexual passion for their own ‘Knog’, along the line of "Knog at first sight".

Connotations galores and an undeniable injection of Australian humour make the Knog KNOGuMENTARY series enjoyable. Presented as a YouTube channel and already with hundreds of views in the first 2 days, these could go viral. Plus an opportunity to bring their range of lights and bags to the right crowd.

Visit KnogTV (YouTube Channel)
Content is probably not suitable for Children.


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