New Milram TDF team bike – Focus Izalco

A day before the worlds greatest bike race kicks off, the 2009 Tour de France, Team Milram present their new frames, the 2010 Focus Izalco.

One of the features of the Focus Izalco is that team model is also available for purchase in local Focus dealers – at least in Milrams’ home country Germany. This model will be available in a ‘replica’ version plus with different component and wheelsets.

The frame features Highmodular Carbon Fibre Layup with promised improved stiffness to weight over the 2009 model. They also have a ‘Wrinkel-free Inner Molding Process’ to ensure that there are no folds on the inside of the frame that may affect stability.

A reinforced Integrated Cable Tunnel is integrated onto the top tube keeps cables tidy, maintenance easy and optics top. The seat tube is conical from the top to the BB?0 (Bottom bracket) and the seat stays are slightly angled inwards (coine Elbowed Comfort Rearstays) to provide a balance in stiffness and comfort.

Focus use the 3T Funda Pro "Exclusive Fork" (mounted in the 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 conical headset) which promised better control and precision in steering as well as stiffness and aerodynamics.

“Our new technologies, especially the Integrated Cable Tunnel, lend the new FOCUS Izalco an extremely impressive design. Rounded lines and soft forms unite with the aggressiveness of a truly unique language of form”, states J?rg Arenz, product manager at Focus.  

Focus Izalco 2010 Team Milram

Focus bikes have do not have a designated importer in Australia however are available in the UK.

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