Morewood 2010 MTB Preview

It’s that time of the year when new products start popping online as “top secret” for some post production love. So here’s what’s in store for Morewood in 2010.

The Kalula: 7″ dh/ fr with the makulu design. The bike complete as is in the picture weighs 37lbs apparently! Which is for us “kg” people 16.7 kg (without pedals I believe).
Morewood Kalula

Morewood have been working hard on a new marathon bike for this upcoming year. The name has yet to be announced but here are two different set ups and colours. This Year morewood is planning on offering more bikes with build kits! One of those kits will be the new sram XX gruppo which should make things light and very competitive (not cheap though- i know what you’re thinking hehe).

Morewood 2010 Unnamed

Morewood 2010 Unnamed

Last but not least of the Morewood’s creation is a cross country hardtail weapon with the similar tubing as their new marathon bike. Again the name as yet to be announced for that one. This particular build is said to be tickling the 10kg mark!

Morewood 2010 Unnamed

Stay tuned for the latest releases as more info is released.

Morewood bikes are imported into Australia by Rouler Imports

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