New Mavic Aksiums and iO Time Trial wheel

The popular Mavic Aksium wheelset has been completely rebuild for 2010 while the iO Time Trial wheelset saves time when pushing 50km/h.

Mavic Aksium
Mavic Aksiums’ are a comparatively affordable wheelset and popular choice on new bikes. For 2010 the wheelset has been completely redesigned so that the overall design as well as hubs, rims and lacing have nothing to do with the current Aksiums except for affordability.

Mavic Aksium 2010

Mavic iO
The iO was designed as a Track wheel and since 2002 has been used by Pros for Time Trials. For 2010, the Mavic iO wheelset for Time Trials is available for sale.

Mavic have calculated that at speeds of over 50km/h, drag represents 90% of the overall effort with the wheels representing 15% of the total drag. Even with a slight cross wind, Mavic claim that on a 50km time trial with an average speed of 50km/h, the iO will save 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

The five spokes of the Carbon Fibre iO wheel mean a laterally stiff and rigid wheel to withstand the pressure and power from a performance athlete. The iO wheel set is part of the SSC range of Mavic products targeted to professionals.

Mavic gear is distributed in Australia by Groupe Sportif

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