Ausbike 2010 Photo gallery

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  • Published: 24 August 2010

If you couldn’t make it to Ausbike in Melbourne this year, RC grabbed a few photos to give you a closer look inside the show. While the photos are no substitute for being there.

Coming up on BNA soon is a closer look at some of the bikes and gear presented at this years show.

If you have any news or scoops from Ausbike, we would love to hear – simply contact us.

Ausbike 2010 - Fuji
Fuji Stand

Ausbike 2010 - Kestrel
Kestrel Stand

Ausbike 2010 - Merida
Merida Stand

Ausbike 2010 - Cannondale
Cannondale Stand

Ausbike 2010 - Cerv?lo
Merida Stand

Ausbike 2010 - Colnago
Colnago Stand

Ausbike 2010 - Dahon
Dahon Stand

Ausbike 2010 - Sexy Bicycles
Sexy Bicycles Stand

Ausbike 2010 - Shimano Dura Ace
Shimano Dura Ace C35

Ausbike 2010 - BBB
BBB Stand

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