Survey Shows 4 Million Australians Cycle Weekly

The Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) has announced key findings from the National Cycling Participation Survey that was released by the Australian Bicycle Council yesterday as follows:

In the biggest study of its type ever undertaken in this country, the survey found around 3.6 million people ride for recreation and sport and 1.2 million make a least one transport trip each week.

The survey showed that more than 10% of Australian adults had ridden in the past week and almost 30% in the last year.

On average, those 10% riding in any week are achieving significant levels of physical activity at an average of 30 minutes a day to meet recommended levels for good health.

The Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) believes this is great news for a healthier Australia. The results reinforce the findings of an earlier survey carried out by the CPF and the National Heart Foundation of Australia which showed similar participation figures, but importantly that up to 60% of Australians not riding would consider riding for transport if road conditions were safer.

‘This shows what a great opportunity cycling is for this country,’ said Cycling Promotion Fund spokesman, Stephen Hodge.

“Those riding now are making a serious contribution to their health and productivity and we have strong demand for better conditions that will encourage a lot more Australians to choose their bike for short trips.’

‘With physical inactivity costing our health budget an estimated $1.5bn a year and the economy $13bn a year, cycling appears to be one of the easiest ways to increase our physical activity and create a healthier Australia’.

‘This survey helps us to more objectively measure and understand what is going on, which is critical in helping us direct our efforts for cycling in the years ahead,’ said Hodge.

Main Points:

– The Survey is a key benchmarking tool for the National Cycling Strategy 2011‐2016, under which all State and Territory Ministers of Transport and the Federal Minister have committed to doubling the number of people cycling within 5 years.

– The bicycle industry is represented on the Australian Bicycle Council, which conducted the Survey

– 9,661 households and 24,858 individuals in both urban and regional areas in all states and territories responded via a phone survey in March and April.

– 18% of Australians ride in a typical week (10% of adults), and 40% have done so in the previous year.

– 63% of children aged 5‐9 ride in a typical week

– 22% of males and 14% of females ride in a typical week

– 4 million Australians ride in a typical week and 8,899,000 ride in a typical year

– 1,243,000 Australians ride for transport in a typical week

source: CPF


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