Aussie Invention, Quad Lock iPhone Mount

The Quad Lock is destined to be an popular and affordable bike mount for the iPhone 4/S if funding through kickstarter is successful. The idea was conceived by the Melbourne entrepreneur duo Rob Ward and Chris Peters who saw the opportunity to create an iPhone case that could then be quickly and easily mounted, on the bike, car or in the office.

The Quad Lock however is not yet a reality, it has to be funded first and the team are turning to the popular US crowdfunding portal to do this. The portal allows individuals and business to present their creative ideas in order to then attract funding. Each ‘backer’ is offered rewards depending on the value of their pledge, in this case the different versions of the Quad Lock mount and case are available.

Quad Lock Case and Bike Mount

On Kickstarter some projects don’t succeed, and the ones that do usually present an idea that appeals to a broad audience and features prototyping and solid planning to gain trust. On kickstarter you can find some videos that show the Quad Lock in action on a bike, and really interesting and topical, the iPhones video capabilities combined with the Quad Lock mount give you the option of a bike camera setup.

So this is an opportunity to support, and benefit from a good idea. Full details about the Quad Lock on Kickstarter >

Quad Lock Case and Bike Mount

Quad Lock Case and Bike Mount also hosts a number of bicycle related projects, current active is the Fiks:Reflective Rim Stripes for Bicycles while two very successful projects (already funded and in production) are the TiGr: Titanium Lock and Revolights.


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