New MTB Event: Hell Fire Cup in Hobart, 2013

Hellfire Cup MTB event in Hobart

The Hell Fire cup is a new Mountain Bike event which takes place over four days near Hobart, Tasmania starting on January 25, 2013 in Hobart. Race Director, Duncan Giblin (Storm Bay Productions) has created an event “that put all the things I liked about the events I’ve managed, competed in and covered as a photographer.

His criteria include the camaraderie of pairs racing, the social atmosphere of 24h enduros, great prize money for professional and elite riders (while all competitors achievements are commended) and a single base with different stages and trails.

The single base means that this event is held ca. 30 minutes from Hobart airport with 6 different stages covering 200km of tracks over the four days. The race course includes single track, forest trails and descents with beautiful scenery. Duncan Giblin notes that the course will be rewarding for riders of all skill levels.

The advantage of the single base for participates, support crews and families is that travel and logistical headaches are eliminated. In the $400 entry fee (per rider), free camping, lunch and evening meals are included.

The prize pool is $60,000 including podium prizes, spot prizes, giveaways and $15,000 for the first elite pair.

Entries open on July 1st, 2012 and enquiries can be directed to Duncan Giblin:
0448 599 612

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2 responses to “New MTB Event: Hell Fire Cup in Hobart, 2013”

  1. entries open this friday 10th of August. new site up and running. dg

  2. entries now open till nov 15 or sold out .

    after party lineup up on the site.

    new trail pics and vid coming soon.