Share Your Views in the 2013 Ultimate Cyclist Survey

Bicycles Network Australia Ultimate Cyclist Survey

This is your chance to share your views so that we can see where Australian Cyclists prefer to purchase bikes and cycling gear and whether, for example, GST makes a difference.

In 2010 we ran our last survey the results published in The Ultimate Guide Report received a staggering 10,000 downloads (we stopped counting in 2012). Are there  noticeable trends or even a shift in where and how Aussie cyclists prefer to purchase their gear? What do Local Bike Shops offer that make it worthwhile to buy in-store and likewise, what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying online?


We kindly invite you to take part in the 2013 Bicycles Network Australia Ultimate Cyclist Survey: Start the Ultimate Cyclist Survey (Please allow 15-20 minutes)


To make it worth your while we have secured prizes from some generous businesses; each participant has a chance to win one of these prizes:

Prize Pool
Swiss Side Heidi Wheelset
• 2 X Catlike Kompact Pro helmets from Euride
$100 Cell Bikes Gift Voucher
• 4 X $50 Cycling Express Gift Vouchers

2013 Ultimate Bicycle Prizes

Terms & Conditions
Entry into the prize draw is optional and is a Game of Skill.
Start Date 8.2.2013
End Date 5.3.2013
Total Prize Value: $968
Terms and Conditions apply

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The 2013 Ultimate Cyclist Survey

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The 2010 Ultimate Guide: Shopping for bicycles and cycling gear online

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About The Author

Christopher Jones is a recreational cyclist and runs a professional design business, Signale. As the driving force behind he has one of each 'types' of bicycles.

3 responses to “Share Your Views in the 2013 Ultimate Cyclist Survey”

  1. […] here to complete the survey and click here for more […]

  2. Perry says:

    It is pretty rich to lure people to do a survey with the promise of prizes when the ‘prize’ is only a chance to enter a competition which is itself a game of skill – hardly adequate incentive for doing the survey and at odds with most other online surveys.

  3. Thank you for your interest. Yes, the prizes are an incentive and each participant has the CHANCE to win – we clearly disclose the nature of this. A prize is not promised just for participating and I feel it is unreasonable to assume that BNA, let alone most websites would be able to promise each participant a reward at this value.

    The ‘Prize’ is not a chance to to enter a competition rather in entering a competition which is a game of skill, participants have the chance to win these prizes.

    As we state on this page:
    “each participant has a chance to win one of these prizes”

    For your interest, it is necessary to run this as a game of skill as a licensed competition needs to be registered in every state in Australia and is quite expensive and would make it difficult to conduct this at all.

    I respect your choice not to take part. In our 2010 survey where no prizes were offered the published results were downloaded over 10,000 times in 18 months so in my view, many found value even though there was no incentive.