Empowering Aussie Cyclists – New Go! Fix App for iPhone and Android

Go! Fix app Report Cycling bicyles street problems

Bicycles Network Australia partnered with Go! Alliance earlier this year and our first big move is supporting the launch of the Go! Fix App for iPhone and Android which enables the community to report problems that their local government need to fix.

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The App is free and convenient to use and BNA is promoting this so that it becomes the default option for reporting road and infrastructure problems – the more people using it, the more our councils take notice and the more problems get fixed. Other sites and organisations and user groups will also be promoting this app – so get on board, download and then register and lets get the potholes repaired and cycling infrastruture and facilities improved.

Go! Alliance which was founded by ex-Bicycles NSW CEO Omar Khalifa and who is responsible for bringing Go! Fix has a broader agenda to involve all transport groups – so even for motorists or people who who use public transport, this app can be also used to highlight problems to alert the local governments or authorities. More on go-fix.net

Go! Fix

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Go! Fix App Cycling Bicycle Street Report Problems

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6 responses to “Empowering Aussie Cyclists – New Go! Fix App for iPhone and Android”

  1. Thomas Houseman says:

    Ahh… the android link sends me to: https://www.bicycles.net.au/2013/07/simon-gerrans-orica-greenedge-yellow-tour-de-france/ not to the play store.

  2. Omar says:

    Yup, should be https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seeclickfix.goalliance.app

    or search on “Go! Fix” with the quotes in the store.

  3. Omar says:

    Hi Everyone,

    We are two weeks in and we now have 103 reports filed on Go! Fix. What is notable is that we are seeing an increasing number of reports of Poor Design, Black Spots and Pinch Points – which may point to a real designers guide opportunity! We even have a camera recorded incident of an agro pedestrian shoulder charging a Go! Fix user and a comment from another cyclist that he is a repeat offender…

    One of the not so obvious uses for Go! Fix is the ability to set a Watch Area that will automatically send you an email message any time someone reports an issue either in your council area or within a boundary you draw. This way you can do a quick check to see if anyone has reported say broken glass (or mental pedestrian) on your commute route… or you can return the favour and let others know. Or check out an area that you plan to cycle that you may not be familiar with for reports filed there.

    So here are the steps to setting it up – it will require you to register with SeeClickFix our platform supplier to enable it. It’s quick and easy.

    Click here to go to the SeeClickFix site.
    Enter the city or council area in the box on the top of the page – remember to add the state too. If it does not recognise your city or council, go to the closest large or capital city to start with.
    Now you should see a page with the city you selected on a map.
    In the blue menu bar find and click on “Watch Area” If the map is not over the area you are interested in, this may be a good time to orient it. You will see a selection of cities and watch areas on a list to click on. If it is not there that’s okay, just orient the map.
    Now click on the menu item “Create a Watch Area” (right hand side in the grey bar) – you will be presented with three choices – if you like the boundary that is already there from the previous step just select “for yourself” and enter your contact details. If you want to create your own boundary select on choice “Draw by hand”.
    If you are drawing one, the directions show up. It takes a little getting use to but you click to create points and then you can click on any box and drag it to begin creating the exact boundary. You can zoom in and pan as much as you want to create as accurate a boundary as you wish. As reports are usually quite accurately tagged, make sure to include the entire area or road that you are interested in – err on more rather than less.
    Once you are done enter your contact details and select “Make Watch Area Public’ if you want to share it with others. If you don’t select it, it will only be for you to see.

    That’s it! It sounds like a lot of steps but it only takes a few minutes. Once completed, you will receive notifications of reports or updates to reports within the area(s) you have selected.

    I encourage you to give it a try, it will make Go! Fix your very own lead out rider!

    Always happy to hear feedback!

  4. Thanks for the report about the link – sorry, not sure how the wrong link got in there. Now fixed!

  5. Bikerpete says:

    I’ve started using this for our local MTB tracks. It’s a great way for people to report problems so we can arrange for their repair.
    The problem seems to be that it is Road Centric – it will always try to make the location the nearest street address, even if this is kilometers away! I don’t seem to be able to override this.
    Also all the report categories are Road related. How about one or more MTB categories (trees down, drainage, erosion etc.).