Rapha Challenges Women to Cycle 100km: Women’s 100

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Cycle wear company Rapha is focussing on Women’s cycling with the Women’s 100 event in July this year which encourages cyclists to tackle 100km. Last year this international participation event attracted over 4,000 cyclists across the globe, this year the organisers are aiming to double this number and are on track with over 3,000 riders in 25 countries already signed-up.

The aim of the event is simple, creating an occasion for women to complete this long-distance challenge. In Australia, rides have already been organised in major cities and as this is an unsupported ride, entrants can find and join a ride that has been organised in their area or register and start their own solo or group ride. There is no entry fee and as an unsupported ride roads are not closed. It is the responsibility of participants to organise and plan their ride although their is guidance from Rapha for training and preparing. On completion of this challenge each participant receives a commemorative badge.

I asked Rapha Australia about their interest in women’s cycling, considering that cycling is still a male dominated sport:

“Rapha’s core belief is that cycling is the toughest and most beautiful sport ever invented. It’s core goal is to make road racing the most popular sport in the world, and we actively promote cycling for women as part of this strategy. The Women’s 100 is one of several events we hold each year to engage women cyclists. The Tour Downunder Women’s Ride (annually in January) and the Festa Della Donna (an annual women’s ride that was launched in Sydney this year to coincide with International Women’s Day) are two other major events on the Australian calendar.”

The Women’s 100 takes place on Sunday July 20. For more details and to sign-up for the Women’s 100, visit: rapha.cc/womens100

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2 responses to “Rapha Challenges Women to Cycle 100km: Women’s 100”

  1. Natalie says:

    Hi Christopher,
    I have registered for the Rapha challenge -women to cycle 100km in Sydney.
    Do you know any riding groups that have been organised especially for this challenge in Sydney?

    • David Halfpenny says:

      You could always jump onto the forums (bicycles.net.au/forums), go to the women’s cycling section or the NSW section and put up a group wanted request.