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World Cycling Alliance launched in Adelaide at Velo-City Global

The 2014 Velo-City Global conference in Adelaide marked the official launch of the World Cycling Alliance (WCA) which unites cycling advocacy groups worldwide to create a collective voice to ensure that cycling issues are represented on the world stage.

The World Cycling Alliance has been initiated by the European Cycle Federation (ECF) who have a strong presence, however are focussed on Europe. The launch of the WAC is significant as it provides a international unity between like-minded member organisations to both contribute as well as draw from this network.

Dr Bernard Ensink ECF World Cycling Alliance
Dr. Bernhard Ensink, secretary general of the ECF and WCA

Dr. Bernhard Ensink, the secretary general of the ECF lead the launch and introduction of the board members commented on the connection between the ECF and WCA,  “For now it is a network initiated by the EFC, the difference to other networks is that it has a governance board, we have approached people to be on the first board, the idea behind it is that it should grow bottom-up and not just steered by ECF people. The policy is that we will have board members from all continents. This board then has to define the World Cycling Alliance governance”

The World Cycling Alliance is not a legal entity and to date, for a complete representation throughout all continents, two more steering board members are needed. Making up the current steering board are Christian Haag from Australia, the CEO of Bicycle SA. Also joining Mr Haag are DV Monohar of India (the president of the Hyderabad Bicycling Club), Thongchai Panswad of Thailand, president of the Thai Cycling Club, Tim Blumenthal from the USA and president of People for Bikes, Jean-François Pronovost of Canada and Vice President of Vélo Québec, Marijke van Haaren of Holland, president of Fietsverband and Manfred Neun, the ECF president with lead as the WCA president.

Dr. Ensink shared the role of the WCA for members, “The benefits of the members are two-fold at the moment, the better that we do the advocacy at the international level, the more you can benefit on the local level. On the other hand, if you are a member of the WCA you are connected to a community with knowledge and experience.”

Membership is open to any NGO (Non-Government Organisation) and the connection with the ECF gives the WCA 84 founding member organisations.

Manfred Neun President World Cycling Alliance
Manfred Neun, President of the ECF and World Cycling Alliance

Thongchai  Answad World Cycling Alliance
Thongchai  Answad, steering board member of the WCA

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