Pilates Cycling

Power-Up your Cycling with Pilates – 7 Effective Pilates Exercises

There is the romantic side of cycling: being social, getting fit and healthy, and spending time drinking coffee and eating banana bread. And there is the dark side: the repetitive movement under load which can cause poor postural habits and in time, injury. It doesn’t look great and it certainly doesn’t feel great! Cyclists tend to ride with a lumbar flexion which means losing the natural lumbar lordotic curve position of the lower back. This comes from being hunched forward over the handle bars and pedalling. It also means that your pelvis compresses the intervertebral discs and on top of […]

early winter cycling gloves

Review – Phew Cycling Gloves stop the Winter Chill

Pity the foolish cyclists who brave the winter mornings in summer cycling gear. The rest of the bunch are wearing their jackets, leg warmers, arm warmers, skull caps, winter gloves, booties and some […]

bike bag aeroplane travel

SCICON Aerocomfort 2.0 TSA – Travelling Simply

I’d never taken a bike overseas before, so when the opportunity came up to spend two weeks in Italy & France ticking off some bucket list climbs, it was natural […]

transitions prescription lenses

Just What The Eye Doctor Ordered: Shamir Attitude Lenses with Transitions Signature...

There may be an elephant in the room, but you probably won’t see it without your prescription glasses. I’m sure you’ll agree that sports glasses are virtually mandatory for most forms […]


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