Bosch ebike australia

E-bike Early Adopters and the Australian Potential – Interview with Dr. Bennini...

The future of cycling is electric and if you buy an e-bike in Australia today, you’re an early adopter. You get to tell everyone “I told you so” because the e-bike segment is the fastest growing segment in the bike world and rising global sales are proving that this is not just a trend, this is the future of urban transport. I spoke with Dr. Fouad Bennini who has been charged with building the Asia Pacific market by Bosch eBike Systems – Bosch has solidified itself at the helm as the most popular e-bike motor for pedelecs. Dr. Bennini has been […]

monton sports cycling review

Monton Sports – A Tiger in Lycra?

Monton Sports is not a name you would automatically think about when pondering the world’s leading brands of cycling apparel. European, American and even some Australian brands dominate that space. As a […]

garmin edge 820 mount

Garmin EDGE 820 Preview – The compact and comprehensive cycle computer

When a cyclist refers to their Garmin, you know they’re talking about their cycling computer; Garmin has joined Hoover, Kleenex, and Perspex as an almost generic term for a class […]

Wiggle dhb Jersey

Wiggle dhb Aeron and Blok Cycle Kit in Review

They were never flashy, but dhb, Wiggle’s affordable house-brand range of cyclewear, are escaping the plain and simple designs that have long appealed to cyclists on a budget and are adding more than […]


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