zilfer stylish phone wallet cycling

Review: The Elegant and Practical Zilfer Phone Wallet is Ready to Ride

Picture this, you arrive at the cafe with your cycling buddies after a nice ride and park your shiny bikes outside. It’s your shout for coffee and to pay, you reach into your jersey pocket and fish out a crumpled ziplock bag and extract the crumpled notes and loose coins. Because you are decked out in your flash cycling gear and everything else about you oozes performance, this is not a good look. Carry cash and essentials tends to be an afterthought or inconvenience for many cyclists but a new Australian brand has released their first product that can change […]

f3 formmount review

Review: F3 FormMount the versatile mount for bike computers, lights and cameras

The range and variety of mounts for bike computers, lights and cameras is bewildering. Once you think that you finally have an overview, you then have work out which ones […]

bike shows suck fahrradschau berlin

Photo Gallery: Berlin Bike Show – The Hottest Cycling Gear and Bikes...

The Berlin Bike Show (Fahrradschau Berlin) has established itself as a launchpad for new bike products and platform for brands who are offside the mainstream. This fits well with the […]

trent fitzgibbins m20 jet black

Interview: Trent Fitzgibbins of M2O Industries – Australian Compression and Chamois Cream

One of the brains behind the successful Australian brand JetBlack is Trent Fitzgibbins and in 2017 he launched a new brand called M2O Industries which makes compression garments and chamois […]


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