The Australian Online Cycling Marketplace Report

The biggest challenge that brands, wholesalers and dealers face in attracting customers and competing on (or against) online retail is the lack of information on the Australian market.

This report is the ONLY trade report available that delivers statistics, analysis and insights into Australian cyclists – it details how much they spend and where and what they buy as well as what influences them to purchase.

Over 900 Australian cyclists participated in the 30 minute survey about their shopping behaviour – 775 responses were qualified and provide invaluable insights for any business targeting the Australian cycling audience:

• How much do your customers spend online and offline?
• What are cyclists buying, and not buying online?
• Who are they buying from, and where are the shops located?
• What brands do the cyclists own, and what will they buy next?

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“BNA’s ‘Online Cycling Marketplace Report’ has used a wide lens to capture the overall effect of e-commerce on Australia’s cycling industry, whilst not forgetting to drill down into the details. This comprehensive and well-researched report fills an important information gap which all industry stakeholders can benefit from.”
– Cam Whiting (ex. BMC, Scott Sports)


The report provides a comprehensive picture of the online cycling retail market. Bicycles Network Australia has documented trends from the 2010 survey and report; the survey results have been analysed, and trends pinpointed, with the results split into relevant demographic groups and compared to the 2010 data to examine changes over the past three years:

• Which cycling equipment segments are growing?
• Which online businesses are growing (and which ones are not)?
• If you are a bricks & mortar business, do you need to be online?
• Are your customers planning to spend more or less? Will they shop online or offline more in the next year?

Whether you have an online or offline business, if your audience includes Australian Cyclists, this report will give you a competitive advantage. We have three report options available: the basic survey results, the comprehensive report (which also includes the survey), and custom reporting, if you require data based on specific demographics.

Australian Cycling Sales Report

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