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Will your next bike be Intelligent? ABS & Smart...

Smart bikes are big news in bike design today. With the digitalisation of our society, every part of our life can apparently be improved or enhanced with an app. The humble two-wheeled bicycle isn’t going to disappear soon but it is getting more than its fair share of attention from innovators and entrepreneurs who see the potential of bicycling claiming a far bigger role in transportation in progressive cities and towns. The ebike is leading the race in development of smart tech. Sales are booming international for electrified commuter bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes (eMTBs). When a motor and […]

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The Australian Cyclists Party Closes (and promotes alternative broad...

Technically the Australian Cyclists Party is deregistering as a Federal Political party and pushing members to support a new party called ‘Reason’ which is in […]

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Bike and Gear Highlights from Germany’s Eurobike – Day...

Eurobike 2017 draws to a close after four days, the final day is open to the public. That means that some of the brands have […]

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Latest bikes and Gear from Eurobike – Day 3

As the worlds biggest bike show, Eurobike presents a lot of eye-candy but beneath pretty bikes and gear you will usually find considered designs to […]

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Hot bikes and gear – photos from Eurobike Day...

If you really wanted to see everything at the Eurobike bike show, it would be a lost cause. With 1,400 exhibitors and a host of […]

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New, Wild and Wonderful Bikes and Gear from Eurobike...

Apple orchards, bike lanes and happy people on happy holidays remind you that you are back in Lake Constance in the south of Germany. In […]

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Long Distance Charity Bike Rides: Serious About Fundraising

Long distance cycling is considered extreme, the average joe-citizen is out of breath just thinking about a 25 kilometer commute. When you raise the the […]