Review – Pandani Cyclewear in the Flesh

Like a child standing before the lolly aisle at the supermarket, being forced to choose is maddening. I felt the same way trying to choose from the Pandani cyclewear styles for review. Rather than the Retro Grunge or the Euro Chic, I opted for Future Neon Tartan, a style that Pandani simply call ‘Pinstripe’. Who are Pandani? Pandani are a Japanese cyclewear brand and I was blown away by their unique style which extends beyond the artwork, through to the garment design itself. Pandani are not peddling performance, instead they are a premium lifestyle brand and a cyclist would look at […]

Interview – Australian Triathlon, Endurance & Cycling Expo to...

After the demise of Ausbike in Melbourne and the Sydney Bike and Lifestyle show (as well as bike shows and non-starters before that), an event […]

Fly6 launch a new light and a new brand...

When the revolutionary Fly6 bike light with integrated camera was launched on crowd funding portal KickStarter, it attracted over $260,000 in funding, almost three times […]

Sydney Council propose Helmets with License Plates

This is not a joke, the Mosman Council, on the North Shore in Sydney, is proposing that cyclists wear helmets with prominent numberplate display. Designer […]

Cycling on Australian Roads – Report by Sjors van...

Next to Denmark and its capital Copenhagen, Holland is the other international poster-child for best-practice cycling infrastructure and participation. In Holland, 27% of all trips […]

Will you get paid to cycle to work?

‘Fifty per cent of Australian workers said they would be enticed to ride to work if a financial incentive was available, such as those currently […]

Five reasons why bike rider registration is stupid

You will be hard pressed to find a bike rider who thinks bike rider registration and license plates are fantastic ideas. Tabloid newspapers and shock-jocks, […]