Gazelle Australia Closes and Distribution Changes

The most successful e-bike brand in Australia, Gazelle, is moving to a new distributer. Pon Holdings, the European owner of the Gazelle brand is closing distribution to Gazelle Bikes Australia and shifting the Australian distribution across to Derby Cycle Australia. Paul van Bellen [pictured above] and AJ are both credited with introducing the the quality brand into Australia in 2008 and building Gazelle as the leading e-bike brand. They have also been active in the continuing promotion of cycling and e-bike for accessibility. Paul confirmed that the relationship with Gazelle in Holland was fantastic and noted that last year at the new […]

Bike Fitting and the Bicycle Contact Points – Feet,...

Cycling legend Jens Voigt once told another rider that his handlebars were too wide. The rider disagreed so Jens told him his shoulders must be […]

Hexlox – Incredibly Smart Bike Security

Thieves target whole bikes, but also your wheels, saddle and anything that they can remove. To prevent the theft of your bike parts there are some security products available such […]

NSW Government Pedals up the Wrong Street with Bike...

Today, March 1, 2016 marks the introduction of new bike laws which see infringements for cyclists skyrocket 500% as well as regulating the minimum safe passing distance […]

The Force Awakens: Wiggle merge with Chain Reaction Cycles

Since publishing the original article asking whether Wiggle is buying out Chain Reaction Cycles, Wiggle has confirmed the merger with CEO’s of both companies commenting that […]

Is Graphene the next big thing in cycling… or...

We are in the carbon fibre age in cycling, at least when it comes to performance bikes. This once exotic material is now commonplace and […]

Pro-Lite Oz becomes Kotavelo and goes Global

Pro-Lite Oz importer Deon Attard has carried the Pro-Lite brand for six years, the value-for-money wheelsets have been the real highlight for the brand that also has […]