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Photo Gallery: Berlin Bike Show – The Hottest Cycling...

The Berlin Bike Show (Fahrradschau Berlin) has established itself as a launchpad for new bike products and platform for brands who are offside the mainstream. This fits well with the culture of Berlin where people, and particularly passionate bike riders love to identify with cycling sub-cultures and brands that re-enforce their own individuality. On the back of a penetrating winter, wet snow slush welcomed me to the city where a thick jacket, gloves and hat were mandatory for the tail-end of winter. Bike sharing is in full swing and on almost every corner are dozens of waiting bikes from up […]

trent fitzgibbins m20 jet black

Interview: Trent Fitzgibbins of M2O Industries – Australian Compression...

One of the brains behind the successful Australian brand JetBlack is Trent Fitzgibbins and in 2017 he launched a new brand called M2O Industries which […]

waterproof cycling shoes

The QUOC Gran Tourer Cycling Shoes for Bike Touring...

When QUOC launched their gorgeous Night lace-up road cycling shoes, the UK brand was like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, they had evolved. Now […]

Australian Cyclevision Helmet with Front + Rear Video Capture

Australian and international statistics* reveal that in bike and car collisions, the driver is at fault in a majority of cases. Even though a bicycle […]

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Protest Bike Rides across Australia increases momentum against Mandatory...

Unless you have been hiding under a rock… or under your bike helmet, you have probably noticed that there is increasing opposition to the Mandatory […]

james reid cycles founder

Interview with Reid Cycles founder James Reid – Highs,...

Back in 2010, a little bike brand called Reid Cycle from Melbourne lit up on my radar. They were a young and creating a buzz among […]

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The Future of Aero: Swiss Side Hadron Wheels and...

On BNA we have followed Swiss Side since their inception, founder Jean-Paul Ballard is Australian though his professional career in Formula 1 motorsport means that […]