Pilates Cycling

Power-Up your Cycling with Pilates – 7 Effective Pilates...

There is the romantic side of cycling: being social, getting fit and healthy, and spending time drinking coffee and eating banana bread. And there is the dark side: the repetitive movement under load which can cause poor postural habits and in time, injury. It doesn’t look great and it certainly doesn’t feel great! Cyclists tend to ride with a lumbar flexion which means losing the natural lumbar lordotic curve position of the lower back. This comes from being hunched forward over the handle bars and pedalling. It also means that your pelvis compresses the intervertebral discs and on top of […]

Triathlon seminar workshop

Wrap Up 2016 Australian Triathlon, Endurance and Cycling Expo

When BNA reported on the first Australian Triathlon, Endurance and Cycling Expo (ATEC) last year, roving reporter David Halfpenny said it was better than expected. This […]

Atec Expo Bike Show Sydney

Preview – 2016 ATEC Bike Show in Sydney on...

The Australian Triathlon, Endurance and Cycling Expo is now in its second year and opens the doors to the public at the Sydney Showground on July […]

Shimano Dealer Event

Shimano Step Up the Energy for E-Bikes in Australia

The Australian e-bike market is getting serious; it’s no longer the domain of fringe dwellers. A growing number of dedicated e-bike stores across Australia now serve customers […]

Gazelle Bikes Australia

Gazelle Australia Closes and Distribution Changes

The most successful e-bike brand in Australia, Gazelle, is moving to a new distributer. Pon Holdings, the European owner of the Gazelle brand is closing […]

Cycling Shoe Position

Bike Fitting and the Bicycle Contact Points – Feet,...

Cycling legend Jens Voigt once told another rider that his handlebars were too wide. The rider disagreed so Jens told him his shoulders must be […]

hexlox bike thief security

Hexlox – Incredibly Smart Bike Security

Thieves target whole bikes, but also your wheels, saddle and anything that they can remove. To prevent the theft of your bike parts there are some security products available such […]