What is a Bike Fit? The basics in overview

When you’re new to cycling, bike fitting can appear to be something reserved for elite athletes or cyclists investing in a custom made bike. The fact is, a simple cost/benefit analysis will show that a regular cyclist who gets a bike fit can often reap far greater results than upgrading their equipment. The good news is that bike fitting is becoming more accessible and in this multi-part series for Bicycles Network Australia, we first look at the basic idea of bike fitting then, in future installments, delve into the details of each aspect of your connection with your bicycle. If you have […]

If we want Diversity riding on our streets, we...

In September this year, the third Asia Pacific Cycle Congress was hosted in Brisbane by the Queensland Government, Brisbane City Council and Gold Coast City […]

Cycling Australia, from Adelaide to Darwin in the TourXOz

Cycling from Adelaide to Darwin (3000km) is shorter than Perth to Sydney (4000km) so it must be the easy route. Or is it? The Perth to Sydney […]

Highlights from Eurobike 2015 [photos – part three]

In our final series of highlights from Eurobike 2015, blue and variations of blue are the running theme. aside from the fat bikes, the ebikes […]

Highlights from Eurobike 2015 [photos – part two]

Following on from part one of our 2015 Eurobike coverage, the highlights from the worlds biggest bike show are too big for one page so […]

Highlights from Eurobike 2015 [photos – part one]

Once again the world’s biggest bike show has been used as the launching pad to release the latest and greatest in bicycles, gear and cycling […]

Talking cycling with NSW MP Bruce Notley-Smith

Bike registration. Rider licensing. Removing cycleways. Increasing fines for cyclists. Slaps on the wrist for dangerous drivers. If you trip over any of these concepts […]