bellio – The Bike Bell in your Smart Phone

Australian police are tough on cyclists who ride without a bike bell; in Western Australia the fine is $100, in New South Wales $106, in Queensland $121 and in Victoria it is a whopping $180. It doesn’t help that bike riders are being targeted in police operations, but let’s put arguments about the validity of the law aside. Across Australia, riders need a bike bell. You can pick up a bell for $5 from your local bike shop, it won’t be pretty but it will suffice. If you lay down a bit more cash you get to choose between some funky coloured bells or a design with flowers […]

2017 tour down under

Three Reasons why the Tour Down Under is Unbeatable

Being an Adelaide local, having a World Tour race on your doorstep is simply brilliant, whether you are a cyclist or not. As the Tour Down […]

Bosch ebike australia

E-bike Early Adopters and the Australian Potential – Interview...

The future of cycling is electric and if you buy an e-bike in Australia today, you’re an early adopter. You get to tell everyone “I […]

garmin edge 820 mount

Garmin EDGE 820 Preview – The compact and comprehensive...

When a cyclist refers to their Garmin, you know they’re talking about their cycling computer; Garmin has joined Hoover, Kleenex, and Perspex as an almost […]

junior cycling australia

Sometimes you need to do it yourself – Junior...

Let’s do some simple maths: according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are around 3.75 million school students in Australia spread between 9,400 schools. […]

Eurobike 2016

New Bike Tech and Design – Eurobike Gold Awards

The cycling world descends on Germany each year in August to attend Eurobike to see the latest and greatest bikes, accessories and gear. When the world’s biggest […]

Pilates Cycling

Power-Up your Cycling with Pilates – 7 Effective Pilates...

There is the romantic side of cycling: being social, getting fit and healthy, and spending time drinking coffee and eating banana bread. And there is […]