Is Graphene the next big thing in cycling… or...

We are in the carbon fibre age in cycling, at least when it comes to performance bikes. This once exotic material is now commonplace and most bike shops feature a healthy selection of carbon fibre bikes. The word graphene has been bandied about in the science world for a few years and more recently by bike companies who see graphene as the material of the future. Italian tyre brand Vittoria are riding the wave and currently promoting their new wheelsets and tyres which include a graphene compound. Let’s take a closer look at graphene, its properties, and the hype.   What exactly is […]

Pro-Lite Oz becomes Kotavelo and goes Global

Pro-Lite Oz importer Deon Attard has carried the Pro-Lite brand for six years, the value-for-money wheelsets have been the real highlight for the brand that also has […]

Ride into 2016 with Style – Australian Cycling Jersey...

Everyone can ride a bike, but not everyone can ride with style. The colours and the flamboyance of pro-cycling teams and hot brand has always been attractive to cycling fans. […]

Iconic Cycling – The Green Rocket Rides Again

Head-on. Drunk driver. Hit and run. These were the first words my eyes fell on when I opened a cycling forum post from a riding […]

Innovative Blaze Burner Bike Light Tops Kickstarter Goal

Following the success of the Blaze Laser Light, the newest design from UK designer Emily Brooke is the rear bike light called the Burner which […]

Canyon Bicycles Officially Starts Sales to Australia

The long wait is over, since 2007 Canyon has been a brand on the radar in the Australian Cycling Forums. In 2008 when Cadel Evans Team […]

Bikefit Series – Breaking Down Bike Geometry

The centre of the universe, when it comes to bicycle geometry and the different aspects of a bike is the bottom bracket. This is the […]