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Berlin Bike Show Showcases the Latest Trends in Bikes...

The Berlin Bike Show, Fahrradschau Berlin continues to solidify itself as the coolest bike show in the world. The historically and culturally rich city of Berlin is a creative mecca where trends are born and the Berlin Bike show embodies the spirit of the city by presenting itself as a gathering for bike enthusiasts, and not just another bike expo for brands to pitch their wares. Now in its seventh year, the Fahrradschau Berlin is popular among new brands launching and presenting for the first time as well as frame-makers. Alongside the younger brands are establish brands which are compatible […]

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Interview: “There is no alternative” Ultra-Cycling Perth to Sydney...

Austrian cyclists have developed a taste for setting the Perth to Sydney world record for cycling. In 1998 Wolfgang Fasching completed the journey in 7 […]

bellio – The Bike Bell in your Smart Phone

Australian police are tough on cyclists who ride without a bike bell; in Western Australia the fine is $100, in New South Wales $106, in Queensland $121 […]

2017 tour down under

Three Reasons why the Tour Down Under is Unbeatable

Being an Adelaide local, having a World Tour race on your doorstep is simply brilliant, whether you are a cyclist or not. As the Tour Down […]

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E-bike Early Adopters and the Australian Potential – Interview...

The future of cycling is electric and if you buy an e-bike in Australia today, you’re an early adopter. You get to tell everyone “I […]

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Garmin EDGE 820 Preview – The compact and comprehensive...

When a cyclist refers to their Garmin, you know they’re talking about their cycling computer; Garmin has joined Hoover, Kleenex, and Perspex as an almost […]

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Sometimes you need to do it yourself – Junior...

Let’s do some simple maths: according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are around 3.75 million school students in Australia spread between 9,400 schools. […]