Review – Interlock, the Integrated Seatpost Bicycle Lock

At Eurobike in 2014, BNA chanced upon the Interlock, an innovative bicycle lock presented by a charismatic young Canadian, Adrian Solgaard. But at Eurobike, everything is innovative, and new, and shiny, and twice as good as the others, and there is no end to gimmicks and inventions hoping to be the next big thing. Our Eurobike correspondents, Marty and Alexander, were taken by the Interlock and a month later one landed on my desk for review. The Interlock is a seat post with an integrated cable bike lock. If you’ve ever been in the situation where you need to chain up […]

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Review – Pandani Cyclewear in the Flesh

Like a child standing before the lolly aisle at the supermarket, being forced to choose is maddening. I felt the same way trying to choose […]

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After the demise of Ausbike in Melbourne and the Sydney Bike and Lifestyle show (as well as bike shows and non-starters before that), an event […]

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When the revolutionary Fly6 bike light with integrated camera was launched on crowd funding portal KickStarter, it attracted over $260,000 in funding, almost three times […]

Sydney Council propose Helmets with License Plates

This is not a joke, the Mosman Council, on the North Shore in Sydney, is proposing that cyclists wear helmets with prominent numberplate display. Designer […]

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Next to Denmark and its capital Copenhagen, Holland is the other international poster-child for best-practice cycling infrastructure and participation. In Holland, 27% of all trips […]