Bosch ebike australia

E-bike Early Adopters and the Australian Potential – Interview...

The future of cycling is electric and if you buy an e-bike in Australia today, you’re an early adopter. You get to tell everyone “I told you so” because the e-bike segment is the fastest growing segment in the bike world and rising global sales are proving that this is not just a trend, this is the future of urban transport. I spoke with Dr. Fouad Bennini who has been charged with building the Asia Pacific market by Bosch eBike Systems – Bosch has solidified itself at the helm as the most popular e-bike motor for pedelecs. Dr. Bennini has been […]

garmin edge 820 mount

Garmin EDGE 820 Preview – The compact and comprehensive...

When a cyclist refers to their Garmin, you know they’re talking about their cycling computer; Garmin has joined Hoover, Kleenex, and Perspex as an almost […]

junior cycling australia

Sometimes you need to do it yourself – Junior...

Let’s do some simple maths: according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are around 3.75 million school students in Australia spread between 9,400 schools. […]

Eurobike 2016

New Bike Tech and Design – Eurobike Gold Awards

The cycling world descends on Germany each year in August to attend Eurobike to see the latest and greatest bikes, accessories and gear. When the world’s biggest […]

Pilates Cycling

Power-Up your Cycling with Pilates – 7 Effective Pilates...

There is the romantic side of cycling: being social, getting fit and healthy, and spending time drinking coffee and eating banana bread. And there is […]

Triathlon seminar workshop

Wrap Up 2016 Australian Triathlon, Endurance and Cycling Expo

When BNA reported on the first Australian Triathlon, Endurance and Cycling Expo (ATEC) last year, roving reporter David Halfpenny said it was better than expected. This […]

Atec Expo Bike Show Sydney

Preview – 2016 ATEC Bike Show in Sydney on...

The Australian Triathlon, Endurance and Cycling Expo is now in its second year and opens the doors to the public at the Sydney Showground on July […]