My Bike Shop Sucks! How to find a better...

Two stories have come to light on the Australian Cycling Forums in the last week in which Aussie bike shops have let down their customers. The first story is of a customer who ordered a new 2014 model Italian carbon fibre road bike from a bicycle shop and, after waiting 8 weeks, his bike arrived. It was when he attempted to register the bike with the brand (for warranty) that it turned out that the new bike was in fact an old bike, a demo bike, that had been resprayed to resemble a new model bike. In the second story, the […]

Cadel Evans Launches International Cycling Tour in Victoria

In conjunction with the State of Victoria, Australian Tour de France Winner, Cadel Evans has announced a 1 Day, UCI sanctioned international road race for […]

Petrol Powered Bikes… They may actually be good!

Most cyclists I know object to petrol powered bikes, but what is life like on the other side? I asked an Australian petrol powered bike […]

Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge on August 3

The Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge has established itself as a well organised and enjoyable cycling event on the north coast of New South Wales. Promoting […]

Phil Latz selling Bicycling Australia Magazine

Australia’s long standing Bicycling Australia magazine along with Mountain Biking Australia and the Bicycling Yearbook  have been sold by founder Phil Latz and wife Catie […]

Backtracker: Radar Scanning for Cycling Safety

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi story; an on-bike scanner which detects vehicles approaching from behind and provides visual feedback for the rider. […]

Road Disc Brakes – Stop! The Insanity.

When the UCI ratified disc brakes for the 2010 / 2011 cyclocross season, it set the foundations for innovators to look further into road cycling. […]