swissside aeropod

The Future of Aero: Swiss Side Hadron Wheels and...

On BNA we have followed Swiss Side since their inception, founder Jean-Paul Ballard is Australian though his professional career in Formula 1 motorsport means that he calls Switzerland home. It is surprising how many drivers and team members in motor racing are keen cyclists – this connection was the catalyst for launching the Swiss Side wheelset brand and drawing on the F1 engineering and aerodynamic knowledge to create a faster wheelset.  In less that five years, the young company have created “the fastest bicycle wheels” available and can back this up both with their unparalleled testing and the sporting success […]

tungkillo tour down under

20th time around – The Tour Down Under is...

The fact that the TdU is about to host the 20th edition and consistently goes from strength to strength and continues to build and cement […]

knog power offroad light

The Power of Versatility: knog PWR Trail Bike Light...

Innovation is the calling-card for the young and iconic bike brand knog. Bike lights, bike locks and bells have all been ‘re-imagined’ and today the […]

cycling photography awards

Mark Gunter 2017 Cycling Photography Awards Now Open

It is possible to capture essence of cycling in a single photograph. Mark Gunter was a shining star among sports photographers with this ability, an […]

smart bike intelligent bike future

Will your next bike be Intelligent? ABS & Smart...

Smart bikes are big news in bike design today. With the digitalisation of our society, every part of our life can apparently be improved or […]

omar khalifa australian cyclists party

The Australian Cyclists Party Closes (and promotes alternative broad...

Technically the Australian Cyclists Party is deregistering as a Federal Political party and pushing members to support a new party called ‘Reason’ which is in […]

giro xnetic knitted cycling shoes

Bike and Gear Highlights from Germany’s Eurobike – Day...

Eurobike 2017 draws to a close after four days, the final day is open to the public. That means that some of the brands have […]