cycling shoes review

Review – QUOC The Night Cycling Shoes

Craft beer, single barrel whiskey and handmade wines are each delivered to your palette with the promise of superior quality. Often the story behind the label, the brew or the cru enhances the experience and enjoyment. For the same reason, cyclists will turn to QUOC cycling shoes. I met Quoc Pham in Berlin many years ago and gained an immediate appreciation for his cycling shoes and style. Unlike the majority of cycling brands who focus on performance as their ultimate objective, QUOC is about aspiration and passion. The QUOC range cycling shoes centres around urban and touring cycling and last year they launched The Night, […]

cadel evans book review

Cadel Evans Autobiography – Book Review

The moment I finished reading the final word from the recently released Cadel Evans autobiography, I scanned through the publisher details and then the ‘Authors Note’ to try […]

ebike review riese muller

Riese&Muller Charger Mixte – a bike for all reasons

The biggest problem I have when I write e-bike reviews is dealing with the issue of price. Good e-bikes are expensive. Crappy e-bikes are also […]

cycliq fly6 hero shot

Review – Cycliq Fly6 (gen. 3) with Velcro Strap...

Australian bike-tech company Cycliq has gone from strength to strength with their technology driven cycling accessories. They have carved out a niche of bike specific […]

cyclist body scrub

Mocha Me Coffee Body Scrub

Do you love coffee? No, I mean do you really love it? Do you love it to the point where you would you get naked […]

spitting in the soup book review

Book review: Spitting in the Soup – Inside the...

I’ve always been a big fan of popular science, popular history, popular economics and so on. Essentially, if it’s a topic area I’m not expert […]

polar cycle computer review

Product Review: Polar V650 and M450 Cycle Computers

Polar has been a sleeping beauty, at least in Australia. The last time Polar caught my attention was with their stylish diamond shaped CS500 in 2010 and […]