Powerpod Allnighter and Overnighter II Rechargeable Portable Chargers

Have you ever had an important phone call cut off by a dying battery? Even worse, have you ever had a Strava KOM interrupted when your cycle computer cut out? In our increasingly connected age we are more reliant than ever on mobile electronic devices in our daily lives. While it’s often possible to manage our devices by connecting to computers and wall socket chargers to keep our devices topped up, once we’ve escaped the built environment that option is no longer available. Whether travelling, bike packing, or out on an all-day riding adventure, managing battery usage for GPS navigation and mobile […]

[Video] Cycliq Fly 12 prototype bike camera and light...

The Cycliq Fly12 is an integrated front light and 1080p HD camera for bike riders, from the team who created the popular Fly6 rear bike […]

Review – Colnago AC-R Disc Inspires Italian Cycling Passion

Colnago was… and still is one of the most iconic bike brands in the world. The brand came to life in 1952 when Ernesto Colnago opened […]

Exustar Cycling Shoes, Pedals and Cleat review [video]

Taiwanese brand Exustar haven’t yet broken into the Australian market, but it may only be a matter of time as they expand production and spread […]

Blazing Amazing – First Look Blaze Bike Laser Light

It is no surprise that some of the most exciting cycling innovations are reaching us courtesy of crowd funding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo; […]

Review: The supremely functional SweatHawg Headwear

Truth be told, the reason this review is coming out in the middle of winter is because I became so used to the SweatHawg that […]

Fusion Peak Bike Fitting in Review

So, you have your brand new bike, you have all of the accessories, and you have the great kit to wear on it. Feels good, […]