TeleHex Rethinks the Bare Necessities of Bike Repair

An everyday cyclist, the commuting or sports cyclist relies on a small arsenal of gear for those ‘just in case’ moments. You never know when you will get a puncture or have a mechanical problem, and repairing the bike yourself is a far better solution than reaching shamefully to the mobile phone to get someone to pick you up. The majority of bike problems can be resolved with a few simple items; spare tyre, tyre levers, a pump and maybe a patch kit. Though you are more likely to have a puncture than any other problem on your well maintained bike, most other mechanical issues which you may […]

Shimano (re)launch Master Lock bike locks in Australia

This US brand is a household name in Australia for their door locks and window locks, 7 in 10 (regular) padlocks sold in Australia and New Zealand are […]

The Blaze Bike Laser Light – how did it...

In July we introduced the Blazing Amazing Bike Laser Light and investigated and answered questions on the legality. There are strict import restrictions on lasers, however […]

Review of the Hunt Mason X 4Season Disc wheelset

A “lightweight, adaptable, year round road disc wheelset” that also happens to be fairly strong and quite keenly priced? Have we found the exception to Keith […]

Powerpod Allnighter and Overnighter II Rechargeable Portable Chargers

Have you ever had an important phone call cut off by a dying battery? Even worse, have you ever had a Strava KOM interrupted when your […]

[Video] Cycliq Fly 12 prototype bike camera and light...

The Cycliq Fly12 is an integrated front light and 1080p HD camera for bike riders, from the team who created the popular Fly6 rear bike […]

Review – Colnago AC-R Disc Inspires Italian Cycling Passion

Colnago was… and still is one of the most iconic bike brands in the world. The brand came to life in 1952 when Ernesto Colnago opened […]