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About 3T

3T is a venerable name in Italian cycling. Down the years, many great champions put their trust in 3T handlebars and handlebar extensions – Moser, Fondriest, Cipollini, Zabel. The company’s founder Mario Dedioniggi was celebrated for his pioneering use of new, lighter materials – in his day, aluminum alloys. 3T became the go-to company for breakthrough components that win races. In 2007, 3T embarked on a major program of investment in advanced design and engineering. We renewed our entire product range to provide world-class racers with high-performance cycle components that meet and exceed all their demands. Our goal: the Ultimate Performance. We reviewed every single aspect of our operation, from product concept through engineering design, test, and manufacture, to packaging and fulfilment. To achieve top engineering quality, we invested in the design industry’s most advanced technology. We hired our technical director from the Ferrari F1 team, and continue to recruit designers from among the world’s most talented engineers. And while our focus is on engineering the strongest, lightest, and best-performing components you can buy, we care passionately about the way they look. Elegant form is in 3T’s DNA – our Mutant stem is the first bike component ever to get an iF International Design Award – so we style them to look great too. We believe 3T’s renewed product portfolio marries our glamorous Italian heritage to world-class engineering design — enhancing the appearance and performance of today’s svelte, superlight racing bikes.