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VII Región

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About Alpaca Ciclimo

In an effort to share the health and well being the sport of cycling provides and bring the world closer to the natural beauty of Chile, Alpaca Ciclismo is dedicated to developing the popularity of anactive lifestyle mixed with a conscientious future toward eco-tourism in the heart of Chile. Alpaca Ciclismo offers fully customized cycling tour vacations that escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

We contribute and participate in organized events and activities in the Maule region and supports team inter-change for bicycle racing in Chile. Some of this events have included eco-tours and vineyard tours by bicycle, mountain bike race organization, and team support. In addition maintenance clinics for mountain bikes and yoga classes for sport people are also available.

Our focus is to raise environmental awareness and the responsibility, which follows in a community, a group of likeminded small business owners have joined together to form an organization to reinforce tourism in the region. Our grassroots philosophy empowers us to make a stronger impact on bringing a respect and appreciation for our environment to the community, through youth clinics and expositions as well as, providing services in tourism and adventure to the Maule Region.