Arineen Event Management

No. 36, Lorong Gudang Rasau 5
Taman Rasau Permata, Kuantan
About Arineen Event Management

No longer in business

We are an event management company which operation in east peninsular Malaysia. We specialized on off road mountain bike fun ride and race. We had organised events since 2006 (as a group of mtb enthusiasts) and formed our company for better management in 2009. Now we are organizing a yearly event supported by government agencies and private sectors. Our events were participated by few riders from Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and etc in the past. Our scope is mainly on eco sport tourism. Our main mentor and founder is Mr. Mazlan Mohd Noor whom has vast experience in cycling since 1989 as a national rider, UCI Commisaire and consultant. Our hope is to make as much contacts and friends among rider all over the world. In June we would like to invite with the lowest cost for Aussie Riders to participate in our oldest tropical jungle ride…