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About Australian Veteran Cycling Council

The Australian Veteran Cycling Council Inc (AVCC) was formed in 1991 to cater for the interests of veteran cyclists throughout Australia. The organisation today has a presence in all States bar the Northern Territory and has 2,000 members on its books. It is our belief that a body run solely by veteran riders can best represent the special needs of veteran age cyclists, and over the life of the organisation we have found that working without outside interference has led to a harmonious environment in which to conduct our activities. Currently, males over 35 years and females over 30 years of age are eligible to apply for membership through their state bodies. Those who join are provided with probably the cheapest and most comprehensive insurance cover in the country with riders being covered for both racing and training (with training that encompasses both riding as an individual and as member of a formal training group). Our licence allows the member to ride with any affiliated Club in the various States.