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About Azzurri

AZZURRI represents over 25 years of mastered skill through refining, engineering and testing. AZZURRI is a showcase of premium hand made frames equipped with some of the best parts and components the world has to offer. The Azzurri team takes an integrated approach to R&D, production, distribution and technical support. Armed with extensive R&D expertise in carbon & alloy welding, skilled craftsmen build our bicycles by hand, and the frames are painted in our own factory. With this combination of care and expertise, Azzurri is able to meet the rigorous demands of elite racers; at the same time take the need of the masses into consideration by bringing down the cost of technology. And that’s not all, you will be satisfied to find each of our frame is under lifetime warranty. You will find a wide range of bikes in the Azzurri’s catalogue, catering to each and every passion of riding, from the racer boys to daily commuters.