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About Bikesportz Imports

Welcome to Bikesportz Imports, one of Australia’s largest and most successful importers and distributors for the Australian Bicycle Industry. We pride ourselves on having one of the leading stables of market leading bicycle and bike parts and accessories brands in the country. This family of top quality bicycle products is backed up by an enthusiastic and professional team of genuine cycling enthusiasts. A family of brands BikeSportz prides itself with having one of the leading “families” of brands in the Australian bike industry. All of them are “A” brands or indeed, market leaders. The quality, image and strive for excellence here at BikeSportz is reflected in the brands that we represent. With this collection of companies, we are able to offer to bicycle retailers an unsurpassed menu of products that cover the full spectrum of consumer needs and desires. From everyday requirements to pure exotica, from Europe’s finest to Asia’s best, BikeSportz represents them all. Like our customers, all of our products are treated with the same enthusiasm and professionalism. So, all parties can be confident that BikeSportz Imports is supporting and representing both, the products and companies we distribute for and the shops and consumers we distribute to.


  • Campagnolo