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260 Waymouth Street
South Australia

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About Bio-Mechanics Cycles & Repairs

Before Bio-Mechanics Cycles & Repairs, there was no dedicated repair workshop offering South Australian cyclists premier mechanical servicing. With this thought in mind – and almost twenty years’ experience in the bicycle industry — Peter Hague launched BMCR in November 2004. Word of Pete’s magical hands spread quickly; within three weeks of opening its doors, the shop was booked out a week in advance. It’s been that way ever since. (Except during the Tour Down Under; then it’s five weeks in advance.) Bio-Mechanics’s services were in such demand that Pete’s wife, Lia Weston, ditched her publishing career in July 2007 to join the shop as she was sick of only seeing Pete after sun-down, and was starting to wonder if she’d married a vampire. Lia handles everything except mechanics, though she will change a tube for you, if you ask nicely. October 2009 saw the BMCR team expand to three with the welcome addition of Andrew Field. Andrew brings Bio-Mechanics another twenty years of bicycle industry experience, serious spanner skillz, and as a special kind of zen that meshes well when you’re sharing a very small workspace with two other people.