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About BodyTastic

BodyTastic has Four divisions. 1. Commercial fitness equipment for Gyms and Clubs. 2. Rehabilitation and Sports Science testing, used in Universities, hospitals, physiotherapists, schools, and fitness centres. 3. “E”-Bikes, recreational, Folding, and Postal “E” Bikes for Postal services. 4. Specialty Transport bikes for moving heavy objects, Airport terminals, large “DC”: centres, worksites and Train platforms. All markets can benefit from the Bodytastic range; including the Private, Corporate, Commercial and Government sectors. The international brands represented are Landice from New Jersey, USA. Landice have been manufacturing high quality treadmills and Elliptimills for over 43 years. Monark from Sweden have been manufacturing bikes for over 90 years. Monark manufacture in Sweden , a host of fitness testing bikes used for medical and sports medicine applications, as well as Commercial grade Gym bikes and bikes made specifically for physiotherapist applications. In addition Monark manufacture Speciality transport bikes and “E” bikes, used for Postal services, in airports, Train stations, Distribution Centres, Large warehouse type department stores, Building sites and Tricycles for those with balance challenges. The DB-0 and EZPro “E” Bikes are two new exciting editions to the Bodytastic range. The DB-0 Folding “E” Bike, is new and recently won design awards in the USA. More over it is proving extremely popular in Europe and Japan. The EZPro Series of “E” bikes has proven popular for the family riders around the world. Ultra Sound Body Fat analysis machines and Bodytastic Vibration machines complete the Bodytastic range.