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GRUPPO SPA - Div. Cinelli
Via G.Di Vittorio 21
Caleppio di Settala

tel. +39 02 952 441

fax +39 02 95244 239

About Cinelli

People who have a purpose in life are lucky: our purpose is to improve the life of others (bicycle riders). Although the bicycle has already been invented, we’re still optimistic. Our history tells us that nothing is impossible; all we have to do is look beyond the present. This way a handlebar must turn into a handlebar which didn’t exist yet, A bike ribbon must turn into a bike ribbon which didn’t exist yet, A bike must turn into a bike which didn’t exist yet. We apply Design principles to our products, but also to our company. Design is not just looks. Design means shape, first project, outline, technology, technique, materials, innovation, creativeness, function, quality, uniqueness, know-how, emotion. We want every product to have an Idea, since, if it is a copy, it cannot be Cinelli. However, the road to the mission is long and not easy at all.