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No. 12 Jingshan East Street
Dongcheng District

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About Cycle China

Cycle China is an active travel agency in Beijing offering unique, challenging and fun tours around Beijing, to the Great Wall and throughout China. Every person on our team is a travel enthusiast, and so we understand your expectations and make sure that every trip is fun, exciting, and unforgettable.

Our Guides have an in-depth knowledge of the terrain, as well as personal relationships with the people you’ll meet along the way, fostered over years of cooperation.

While we’ve worked with many big clients like National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and Ikea, we treasure the personal experiences that we make with people, and have kept in touch with many of them throughout the years. We hope you’ll join that group!

And one more thing before we let you meet the team: we’ve always kept the promise that is at the base of our company: to show you the best of China, and to keep you safe from all the scams that other agencies use to make a quick buck, like visits to their friend’s restaurants, unplanned visits to shopping centers with expensive souvenirs, etc. Why? Because we share your passion for travel, so our greatest reward is knowing that you’ve gone home with a big smile on your face!