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About Dolomiti Ebikes

Dolomiti Ebikes is a leading range of electric bikes store in Melbourne, Australia. Dolomiti is a corporate body shared by young entrepreneurs passionate for modern technology. We are compelled by electric bikes to improve health and fitness, relationships and ecosystem with our outstanding and sustainable transport.

Our electric bikes are made for the intent of independent transportation with high quality at very competitive price. Dolomiti ebikes store is based in the heart of Carlton where you experience an aesthetic combination of style and technology for electric bikes. Our showroom futures a wide range of electric bikes including small foldable electric bikes, off road electric bikes and electric bikes for commuters. Our electric bikes are custom made for customers with different add-ons and various batteries to suit your requirements. Our organization consists of passionate e-bike mechanics and sales staff that assist you for a better decision.

We cohesively work with government agencies, assorted colleges and universities, local authorities and private organisations to introduce a new way of transportation in Australia. We support multiple programs that also include world’s largest electric bike trial based from Dolomiti headquarters in Carlton. We are constantly working with the bicycle designers to amend the design of electric bikes in order to maximize safety and efficiency, geometry of bikes and its luggage capacity.


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