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About EightyOneSpices Components Distribution

At EightyOneSpices we are committed to bringing you the best componentry the bicycling industry has to offer. We are not about quantity, but rather about best service, be it technical or advice and the best in quality products. All the brands we work with are carefully selected and the components represent what we choose to be riding ourselves in order to achieve the best possible performing bike. Be it in 4X, XC, AM, Enduro, FR, DH, 4X or triathlon or criterium racing, if you want to build or upgrade your own individual bike for your very own personal specific needs, you’re bound to find some suitable components in our range. Please also contact us for any Formula service related queries. If you are interested in a Liteville, a leader in mtb frames, but would like to test ride one first, please contact us, and we will do our best to get you onto a test bike.