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About FFWD Fast Forward

Based in The Netherlands, FFWD Fast Forward ? is a young high-end brand, specializing in high speed wheels. Carbon only. Period. FFWD’s goal is to deliver fast, lightweight and durable wheels to the Road, Cyclocross, Track & Triathlon markets. Our primary focus is on outstanding craftsmanship, quality and design. All spoked wheels are laced and hand built in Holland. Each set of wheels is meticulously put together, trued to the ‘M?’ and released into the world of speed with a unique serial number. Only the best of ingredients (read components) are being used! High Tensile TC35 Carbon rims, FFWD or DT Swiss hubs, Sapim CX Ray or DT Aerolite spokes, Brass nipples together with a lot of intrinsic wheel builder finger skills ensure top quality and long term serviceability. Current range of high end products consists of high performance Road, Triathlon and specific Cyclocross wheels, 3 spoke-, disc- and Track wheels in all major sizes and variations (f.e.700c and 650c, tubular/clincher types). Get Up To Speed with FFWD!


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