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Balwyn East
About Global Chainder

No longer in busness

Global Chainder is the Australian representative and shareholder of the Taiwan based Forsen Motor Corporation which has developed a patented E-Bike conversion kit designed to convert any regular bicycle into an E-Bike. Other than Australia, the Taiwanese manufacturer has already set up service centres in Germany and USA. Forsen also have exclusive dealers and regular dealers in Spain, France, Swiss, Greece, Switzerland, Japan with more overseas markets on the way. The Forsen Motor Corp has just developed its latest conversion kit which features a 36V5AH Lithium Polymer (LiFePo4) battery, which has a much longer life (3000 charging cycles) when compared to those of the Lithium Manganese (LiMN) batteries (500-700 charging cycles) and has been shown to be safer and much more user friendly as well. Forsen also has both 36V10AH and 36V15AH size Lithium batteries which, when the company tested fitted on bicycles on flat terrain in economy mode, reached around 130km and 190km (respectively) in distance before they needed recharging. Owner, Jessy Chen says the Forsen electric bike kit can be easily installed to almost any bicycle to convert it into an e-bike and its quick release operation makes it very easy for the user to take it into work or home for recharging. “Of course we also sell complete mountain bikes, ladies bike or even folding bikes with an E-kit already fitted.”