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About Liteville

Liteville is a small manufacturer based in Germany, responsible for some of the most technologically advanced MTB frames the market has to offer. Our goal: to design and build only the absolute best mountain bike suspension frame available. More precisely: We build the bikes we have always dreamed to get from other manufacturers! – Mountain bikes which implement new and innovative ideas without compromise in manufacturing or design, backed up by one of the most sophisticated test labs in Europe – the Syntace Testlabs. – Mountain bikes that despite their superior strength, are as light as possible, because in each particular area we only use as much material as really required. – Mountain bikes that offer the best possible active and neutral suspension for a fast, active, and silky smooth ride. – Mountain bikes that surpass the world’s toughest testing standards and without any compromise only hit the market when they are finally ready to ride. Mountain bikes that come with a 10 year warranty and are backed up by one of the most committed and professional customer service departments in the industry.