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1465 Kebet Way
Port Coquitlam
British Columbia
V3C 6L3

About Norco

We ride to escape, to remove ourselves from the noise and static of life. We ride to find the perfect balance between exhaustion and ecstasy; to find out just how far is ‘too far’ then go further. Cycling is our sport, our relaxation, our meditation, our escape. It’s our friends, our family, our people, our culture. It’s our state of mind, our way of belonging. Cycling isn’t just an activity, or even a lifestyle; it’s a way of being and thinking, a way of viewing the world that is uniquely shaped by two wheels. Your Norco bike will change your life, never doubt that. It will turn your friends into your family, reshape your priorities, and transform the way you approach the challenges of life. We understand; we ride too.


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