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About Path Finder Cycling

Path Finder cycling is dedicated to providing high quality bicycling and mountain biking trips in a variety of terrain in Nepal. Through our trips we wish to install the love for mountain biking, an appreciation for the outdoors, and the thrill for adventures.

So we take great pleasure and pride in showing you our home “the wonderful and adventurous land of the Himalayas “. Brave the height for spectacular viewpoint, or cruise the Kathmandu Valley perimeter to see ancient temples and quaint, pastoral Newari Villages. For the Adventures, new routes are always open – just pick a point on the map. We are here to make your holiday as memorable and pleasurable as possible by providing you not only excellent services, but also a view of Nepalese culture and diverse lifestyles. We’ll be riding the trail that leads you to the exotic Himalayas.

Let us help you explore the hidden treasures of the world’s most popular tourist destination.