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About Pinarello Travel

Your bike departs with you….

Tourism, organizational skills and technical know-how are the strengths of Pinarello Travel by Xevents: the official travel agency for the Cicli Pinarello Group.

With Pinarello Travel we have developed a new way of travelling with your bike, thanks to the years of experience within the Cicli Pinarello Group along with strong ties we have with numerous individuals and organizations within the cycling, sports and travel world.
Pinarello Travel offers you the possibility of combining a luxury holiday and the pleasure training/riding your bike.

Our guests can relax and chill-out with their partner, family, and friends or on their own after the days training with our professional team on the road. You get to share you two-wheel passion with new friends whilst enjoying the sites.

Xevents is a registered and recognized travel agency offering the following services: touristic consultancy, travel bookings and sales, holidays, flight tickets, meetings, conferences and travel incentives.