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About Pro-Lite Australia

Pro-Lite products are mail-order only via our website by phone or via our small but ever growing dealer network. We do not have a walk in retail store with a flashy coffee machine, a display room or even a 19 year old female receptions. What we do have is a warehouse full of Pro-Lite products purchased DIRECT from the manufacturer so our consumers and dealers get the very best pricing possible. We maintain low overheads and in turn low margins and we are pashionate about cycling and the products that we supply. Australia is a big country and we are not able to have a dealer in every town which is the reason we decided to expand our market with our online store. If you do purchase online and we do happen to have a dealer nearby we will ask if you would like to receive this order via that dealer. For this reason we don’t automatically process your credit card when you make an online order. The dealer will in this case honour the web price and you will be able to pickup the product locally, add the local support you will receive to the equation and its a good deal for everyone. We are the exclusive importer and distributor for Pro-Lite in Australia and we are specialists with these products. We do not sell 10 other brands, or 1 other brand even. Instead we choose to know our product inside out and to promote the best products in the range to our Australian customers. We also ship via request to New Zealand, contact must be made after placing an online order to confirm shipping costs. If you purchase Pro-Lite products outside of Australia we will be unable to provide service or warranty support to you. If you find a better price on a Pro-Lite product anywhere in the world let us know and we’ll do our best to match or better that price so that you can buy within Australia to support our business and to maintain your warranty. The Pro-Lite philosophy is to produce a range of high quality Professional Liteweight equipment using the very latest technology and materials. Our products are designed to be the lightest and most durable products on the market today. Wheels are our primary product but we also have a range of frames, components and junior racing bikes. Winning just got affordable.