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New South Wales

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About Sola Sport

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Sola Sport is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of bicycle clothing and helmets and a major importer of several of the worlds leading brands of bicycle components and accessories. Sola is also the exclusive importer / distributor of the elite Scott brand of bicycles. Netti and Cinettica apparel uses many of the world’s finest materials to produce quality cycling apparel, helmets offering something for every type of cyclist and a comprehensive Custom Team wear service to local and international customers, including retailers, sporting teams, national sporting institutes and Corporations. Formerly known as Netti Atom, SOLA has been operating in the Australian cycle market for over 60 years, originally as a family owned enterprise, supplying clothing and helmets to Independent Bicycle Dealers (IBD’s) throughout Australia.

In 2001 Netti entered the bicycle wholesale market by securing an exclusive right to distribute Scott bicycles in Australia. Scott, a Swiss based multinational with US heritage has a strong presence in the Bicycle, Motorsport and Winter sports markets. In December 2007 the group was renamed from Netti Atom Holdings Pty Limited to Sport Outdoor Leisure Australia Pty Limited to better reflect the outdoor and recreation elements of the business (much broader than merely Netti with its deep heritage in cycling). The “Netti” brand survives and thrives in the cycling market!