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About Stages Cycling

Stages Cycling is located in Boulder, Colorado, a Front Range city with a long pedigree of producing and serving as the proving ground for many of America’s elite cyclists and triathletes.

Stages Cycling is deeply rooted in Boulder’s work hard, play hard philosophy. We here at Stages Cycling pedal the talk, and more often than not spend our lunch hours pounding out miles on these historic roads and climbs. On the weekend, you’re just as likely to find us racing on the road, track, trails, or the bike parks in town or in the mountains west of the city.

At Stages Cycling we believe power measurement is paramount to cyclists’ and triathletes’ training regimes, regardless of discipline. Most importantly we believe power-based training should be accessible to all enthusiastic cyclists, even those on a budget. We also believe that power meters should be simple, robust, and not force cyclists to make major concessions in terms of weight, aesthetic, or crank choice. From our business’ stand point we place high value on our domestic assembly, and we strive to consider the environmental and social impacts of our company’s actions.


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