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About Swift Carbon

SwiftCarbon is a new kind of bicycle company born of a genuine love and passion for cycling. Our goal is to deliver the best bikes we can at sensible prices. We’re not interested in building a brand around a place or a person – we’ll go wherever we need to go and hire whoever we need to hire to meet our goals, tapping into the best design, engineering and manufacturing talent around the globe. SwiftCarbon is a clean-sheet company, structured around what we believe is the most effective way to produce high performance carbon fibre bicycles.

SwiftCarbon is the concept of ex-professional cyclist Mark Blewett. By his own admission, his professional career was “probably the most unglamorous in the history of the sport” – six years of hard races on European teams, carrying bottles and getting race food. He may not have entered the history books as a racer, but what he did get was a strong understanding of what works in a bike and what doesn’t.