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Swiss Side is a road bicycle wheel brand based in the foot hills of the Swiss Alps. The company focus is on producing high quality performance products, unique & fresh designs and technologies that improve the riding experience for cyclists of all levels. Swiss Side is the fusion of Action Sports product design and development, with engineering from the pinnacle of technology in Formula 1. Combined with our burning passion for cycling and the Swiss Alps as our playground, our desire is to develop the absolute best cycling wheels on the market? designed by the cyclist, for the cyclist. All Swiss Side products are very competitively priced and are available for sale directly from our website. We offer worldwide express delivery on all orders. Our Mantra We’ve always believed that doing one thing incredibly well always beats doing a few things well enough. Which is why all we do is create incredible road wheels. Wheels that are not for everyone. Ours are wheels of gorgeous design, uncompromising quality and proven performance. Wheels guided by decades of cycling devotion and experience, inspired by the switchbacks of breathtaking swiss alpine roads and engineered for riders that want to be free to ride anywhere. Swiss Side. Engineered freedom.