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New South Wales

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About Sydney Spokes GAYBUG

Sydney Spokes is the home of gay and lesbian cycling in Sydney.
You can join the ride with Sydney Spokes whatever your level of fitness or riding experience.

We have rides and events to interest everyone:
• rides graded easy, medium and hard
• Coffee rides
• rides to take you exploring beautiful parts of Sydney
• tough training rides
• gay heartland tour rides
• rides at places in outer Sydney and beyond like Windsor, Central Coast, Illawarra & Blue Mts
• overnight stay country rides
• Mardi Gras Parade and Fair Day participation
• social events
• Off – road mountain bike rides

You might be a novice, an experienced cyclist, someone resuming cycling or anywhere in between. We promise cycling with us will be a great experience.

Every weekend you can join one of our rides led by a friendly experienced ride leader. You will meet and ride with other gay and lesbian cyclists when you ride with Sydney Spokes.