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About The Aussie Surrey Company

This business has been reported as defunct. Refer to the International website for contact details.


Cycling is an environmentally friendly way to travel. It is low impact and has many positive health benefits for you and the environment. Riding a Surrey Bike is pollution free and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Surrey Bikes combine health, environment and family into one activity that everyone can enjoy. What better way to exercise and spend quality time with the family, than on a Surrey bike. Whether you have two or up to eight members in your family, there is a Surrey Bike to suit. And it isn’t limited by age. If you can’t pedal because you are too young – you can sit in the comfortable kids seats (complete with safety belt) up front. If your an adult, you can choose between pedal or passenger on our Surrey Deluxe Limousine. You can enjoy a Surrey Bike from 8 months to 90 years old. Enjoy the cycle-logical benefits that Surrey Bikes have to offer.