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About Unicycle

We do this because we love it!   Our gear gets thrashed while freestyling around the city, commuting, and offroading in the weirdest places. Our products have been thoroughly checked out for quality, durability, performance. And we’re constantly on the lookout for better stuff at better prices that works well for the scene down under.

We know that it is often difficult for local riders to get parts and support, thus we are working to get you the best deals we can with overseas suppliers and to have a comprehensive range of stock available here in Australia.

The UDC team in Australia comprises Guy McCausland, Peter Howard, Lisa Howard & Mal Bird along with a few other keen unicyclists for product & technical advice.  The team are keen to make it easier and cheaper for you to get a wide range of unicycles and equipment and supply the gear you need to suit beginner to ultra advanced unicyclist aswell as being available for advice and help with your enquiries.

Unicycling is a great sport / hobby / obsession. We’re out there promoting it, enjoying it, living it. We hope this web site helps you do the same.