XRated Helmets

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22 Ern Harley Dr.

tel. 07 5593 6606

fax 07 5593 6766

About XRated Helmets

XRated Helmets are the very best helmets you can buy, period. Starting in 1995 manufacturing all helmets by hand, XRated has grown to know exactly what the people need. A “premium” helmet for their “premium” head. We are talking about safety. Safety for you or your family, with no compromises. XRated Helmets are simply the best you can buy. We understood long ago that kids think helmets just aren’t cool. We’ve always had the best graphics and we will continue to design wild graphics. There are no shorcuts to making an awesome fitting helmet and we take all the time required to design, develop and make sure it’s comfortable. If it fits and looks cool, you’ll wear it.