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Claytons Training

Postby clack3rz » Sat Nov 08, 2008 12:25 pm

"It's the training you do when your 'not' training....."

What do people do for a training program - when they're not training for anything in particular?

I completed my first ATB recently, and obviously I was training for it prior. It was my first 'event' and thus had something I was training for.

This event really improved my cycling with the training I put in and the work/schedule really paid off on the day.

Now that it is over I'm not sure how to tackle my weekly riding schedule. I want to keep up the fitness, intensity etc, but I'm concerned it's going to get monotonous without and end target to work towards.
I'm out most mornings and am back commuting as well currently, but feel I'm 'just riding.'

Am I best to set a routine with a weekly schedule that covers different aspects of cycling (intervals, hill climbs, tempo, etc) and have my weekend ride cover these in a single ride - using this as a benchmark on improvement?

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