Brisbane to Noosa ride report

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Brisbane to Noosa ride report

Postby JCR » Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:55 pm

For anyone who wants to tell their report in here.

Well it was my first 160km and I rarely go over 100km so I was not sure what to expect. I also had not been riding much because I broke my wrist racing supermoto then hurt my knee cycling (it was bloody sore for about 100km today ! Had to eat a few voltarens.) Anyway it turned out to be a good ride.

Ride was pretty flat until the 60km mark where it got a bit hilly, put the hammer down then we caught the lead group at about 80km. (Traffic lights on the way out of the city gave them about 5 or 10mins on us)
It got a bit hilly to the 100km mark then from the 100-130 it was decent rolling hills with some really good hills. One majorly steep hill that everyone I saw walked up, but there was no way I was getting off my bike!! :lol: I made it up OK and was going to stir a few people up by saying I was stuck in big ring :o :lol: The first big hill I actually was stuck in big ring and nearly blew myself up getting up that one. :roll:

For the last 60km it was just me and 2 other blokes doing turns because the group split up at the 100km drink stop.
I ended up finishing 41st out of over 1000 (1200 entries I think) It was not a race anyway but...

Avg speed of 33 but with no trafic lights it would have been about 34 from my calculations so was pretty happy with that. Maybe even faster if it was more than 3 of us for the last 60. Finished 15mins behind the winner who averaged 34 point something. Times were on overall though, so it depended on how long you stopped at the 100km drink stop. Total actual ride time was 4:50

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Re: Brisbane to Noosa ride report

Postby tomns » Mon Jun 15, 2009 3:02 pm

Awesome ride mate I was just happy to finish :)

Here is my report

Was a tough day out for me,

The 160km was my longest ever and I was happy to finish and not get caught by the sag wagon. Managed 26Km/h average on my ride time of around 6 hours with elapsed time of 7hours 2 mins or something. My damn timing chip didn't work for whatever reason and my stats on this site shows "pre-race withdrawl" which I was not :(.

No punctures or crashes for me but I came very close to going down when a pair of muppets on a tandem randomly turned off gympie road into a driveway in a huge pack of us, mate in front had a big lockup and I dodged him and had a big tail out lockup moment, fortunately didn't tag anyone with my wheel and cause a big pile up.

Some poor bugger hit a traffic "lego block" about 20ks from the finish hope he was ok. Heard it and saw some people stop.

I had ridden that last 30km a few times before and knew it was going to be tough but I had enough energy to get there pretty well, I find it hard to keep the pace up after the 120km mark - I guess that just comes with practice.

Glad to be able to say I had done it.
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Re: Brisbane to Noosa ride report

Postby ClownBoy » Mon Jun 15, 2009 3:20 pm

Some of these I am repeating from other threads but the long story is:

I had done my various training trips on the ride from Kingston to Gold Coast - which I would call undulating hills. So they where 142km rides with an average of 25.9km/hr. Based on that I figured this ride would be no big deal. I understood it to be 162km with some undulating hills and 3 'big ones' - 1 being damn near impossible.

I rode in the 25km from home - keeping it leasurely but talking to a faster cyclist that I bumped into by chance so it was no daudle.

Hung around for 45 minutes watching the space fill up and then took off.

Section 1 - 55km to the first hydration point.
I was having a laugh in this huge peloton. Avg was 29km per hour or just over. Really easy - could have gone faster. Just for fun I blasted up a couple of hills at mid 30km/hr speed. This was awesome for me as I have only been riding for 5 months and am a big person - so I don't like hills. I figure it came from the group atmosphere, the fact I was in a peloton and the fact that I had trippled my food intake over the day before. (I am losing weight pretty seriously so all my training, etc, is done on low food intake).

I stopped for all of 3 minutes or so (guessed) to refill my bottles

Section 2 - 45km to the 100km mark (second hydration point).
2 people confirmed for me that the hill we hit at around 85km per hour was not 'the big one' but it was pretty big for me. I rode this whole section by myself. My avg was down a bit to 28km/hr but still fine. I figured I was a shoe in for hitting my 27km/hr goal since the next bit was the hardest and then we had more flats to build the avg back up again.

I stopped for a few mintues to eat a banana, remove a jersey and restore my gear and refill the bottles. As fast as possible it would have been 5-10 minutes.

Section 3 - 30km to the 130km mark (third hydration point)
Who the hell sent us through a mountain range? Undulating my ass! Talking about my ass - it hurts!

Ahem... this section was hard. I had to walk up restaurant hill - which is pretty short anyway. My avg dropped to 26.x I think - I cannot recall.

The stop was just a bottle refill - 3 minutes max.

Section 4 - 30km to the finish
I started this section deciding to give it all and just power through. I thought it was reasonably flat to the finish so I could avg 30km per hour again (if I ignored my current aches) and bring my avg back up. However this section started with some flats (into a very strong head wind) then more hills.

I found that when on flat and sheltered from the wind- I could obtain my normal speeds. But I had very little to draw upon when challenged by wind or hill so the speed would just bleed off. I finished with my computer giving me an avg of 25.8km/hr and 6hours 6 minutes.

The official time is 6 hours 54 minutes. My Garmin auto-pauses when I go under 5km per hour so assume the extra 50 minutes was my rest stops, walking up restaurant hill and the various interruptions lik traffic lights, etc.

My goal has been a riding time of 6 hours which requires an avg of 27km per hour. I couldn't be bothered wether it is considered I just missed it or I completely missed it by an hour - if I had conceived the true difficulty of the ride I would have only planned on finishing. And am glad I did.

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Re: Brisbane to Noosa ride report

Postby Cervelolite » Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:46 pm

Wish i could have made it, cant wait for Brisbane to the Gold Coast
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Re: Brisbane to Noosa ride report

Postby topaz » Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:23 pm

My re-cap - First time I have done this ride. Was starting to have second thoughts the week before about actually being able to ride 160km. I have done a few 100km rides but nothing close to the 160km mark. My goal was to make it to the first and second points within the cut off times and then just keep the legs going for the last few kms.

Morning - Thankfully my gilet arrived on thursday - was freezing standing around waiting for the start. I had a jersey pockets full of 3 power bars and 4 gels. (I know bit of an overkill but last thing I wanted to run out of energy - so I figured towards the end I would be able to get a few kms out of each of the gel shots. ) I felt sorry for the guys tube that went POP! Right before the start. - That would have sucked.

First 60km- Firstly Props the the police who blocked off the roads and made the trip out of the city safe. - Pace wise I was surprised how quick it was..I was in one of the middle groups averaging about 30-35 km.
My goal was to not to ride to hard in this first section and just try to do a bit of drafting where possible. When I got to the first drink stop I was feeling good and had only half a bottle so I decided to skip this stop and push on.

Second 60-100km. - I found myself riding solo for a lot of these km's- but still was able to keep the pace at about 29km I saw a few signs that said "glass house mountains" so I was a little bit worried but there were only a few hills and I managed to get up them with out having to dig to deep. Made it to the second pit stop and was still feeling relatively ok - but I knew I was starting to ride further then I have done so was not to sure how the legs would hold up. So after downing a powerbar - filling up one of my bottles and nature call I was back on the bike.

100-130km - Found myself riding with a small bunch of people - just tacked on the back trying to save a bit. There were a few hills but again Managed to get up them relatively easily. Then all of a sudden. I heard the dreaded "pppssshhh" sound... a f***** flat tyre...After Waisting 20-30 minutes changing the tube I was back on the road, approaching "the hill". Well when I turned the corner and saw it (and the dozen or so people pushing their bikes up it I knew I was in for a world of pain. - I made it about 3/4 of the way up before I thought bugger it.. so I unclipped and started pushing my bike up the hill. I did feel bad in having to resort to getting off the bike but decided not go all out when there was still about 60-70 kms to go and I had no idea what they would bring.
Coming out of the hills and traveling towards the coast I found myself riding alone, but was still able to keep up a good average speed.

Final 30 km-
After a quick stop at the drink station I was back on the road. I still had a bottle of Gatorade and bar and a few gels left so I was feeling good about making it to the end. Again I found my self riding by myself with a small group of riders about 200-400m infront of me.. So I thought I would just put my head down and keep going.. managed to get the speed up to just over 30 km. I with about 20 km to go I decided to switch my computer over to showing just the max speed as I thought I would help it go faster. After what I thought was a good 15 km I had a quick check of the distance and was shocked to see I still had about 10km to go. After a quick drink and a gel I was starting to feel good as I knew that I would make it to the end - and not be last / in the slow person pickup van.
Made it to the end in a little over 6 hours at an average speed of around the 26km mark.

Big thanks to all the police and course marshals along way who gave up their time to help make the race a safer.
This is defiantly I ride I will continue to do in the future.

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Re: Brisbane to Noosa ride report

Postby Pax » Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:00 pm

Good reports ....very sad to have missed this due to last minute work committments, but sounds like a great day again...looking forward to next year

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